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New Life - Easter


In EC1 we have been planting daffodil bulbs as we discover the new life that Spring brings. It is also the time Jesus came back to life for Christians! 

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Friday 9th March 2018

Why is the word God so important to Christians?

LO- Investigate how Christians worship and thank God for his creation


Teacher’s note: At Tom and Tessa’s church, they use the name ‘God’ a lot. They say and sing words of praise and
worship to God. They thank God for all he does and all he has made. Harvest festival is a time to celebrate God’s
goodness and to help others. Tom and Tessa enjoy ‘Messy Church’ where they do lots of crafts and activities, as well as hearing Bible stories and joining in worship before eating with everyone.
At Tom and Tessa’s church they are getting ready for a harvest service. A ‘service’ is when all the Christians at
church get together, usually on a Sunday, to sing and pray to God and learn from the Bible together. The twins
will take tomatoes and carrots they have grown in the garden for the big harvest display. Everyone in church will
remember God is the maker of the world and say thank you to him for their food. Mum says there will be Harvest
Messy Church in the afternoon, which Tom and Tessa love.
Tom and Tessa need to choose a song about God to sing at the service with the other children. Listen/clap along
to several songs suitable for church, i.e. they must mention the name ’God’. Help the twins choose.
Listen to some possible songs from ‘Combined Harvest’ (Out of the Ark) – ‘We thank you’; ‘Thank you God for the
harvest’; ‘Sing a song of harvest’; ‘Everybody praise him’.



Read A Wet and Windy Harvest for Puddles and talk about the harvest festival at this church. Paint Puddles the cat at the church harvest.

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Friday 23rd February 2018

Who made the world?

LO -Give at least one example of what Christians do to say thank you to God for the Creation


Recall the idea that Christians believe God created the world, so they should be thankful. One key way for Christians to show thankfulness to God is for them to be generous to those with less. In Matthew 10:8, Jesus said to his followers, ‘Freely you have received, freely give.’ Talk about how Christians might share the resources offered at harvest. Find out what some churches do with their harvest offerings: for example, taking it into the community, or giving it to food banks. What does the school do, and why? What could we do when we grow up?


If Harvest is an annual event, how do Christians remember to be thankful to the Creator every day?

One way is by saying ‘grace’ before meals. Find out some grace prayers, and see if pupils can make up their own grace for Christians.


Dear Caring King, thank you for our fantastic,wonderful and scrumptious food. Food makes me feel alive! My favourite food is pudding. You are the best chef in the universe!



Dear Mighty God. thank you for the sausages, fruit, vegetables and puddings. I love receiving all types of food, they are scrumptious! Thank you so much. If I was small enough I would live in food, I love it that much. You are amazing!



Why is the word 'God'so important to Christians?


For Christians the word ‘God’ is important as the name of someone very important: the Creator of the universe and all that is in it, including people and animals. It is important to draw inferences from the Creation Story as to what God is like.


Why would God make Jellyfish?


LO - Create jellyfish with collage material, playdough or jelly. Discuss results. Was it easy to create a jellyfish? Was it alive when you had finished? Why not? Explore the idea that Christians believe God is the giver of life, giving life even to jellyfish

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Monday 15th January 2018

Who made the world?

LO - Say what the story tells Christians about God, creation and the world


After creating dances to two different types of music, the first mechanical and repetitive which represents day to day life and work. The second fun and peaceful, representing the weekend break from weekday life. We created artwork to reflect how the music made us feel. What would life be like without a good rest at the end of the week? Even God needed a rest after creating the world!

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Being Special - Muslim


Today the children investigated how Muslims welcome babies into the world. Saffiyya came to JC1 to tell the children how her Muslim family welcomed their baby brother into the world. Muslims believe that babies are a gift from Allah (God). As soon as the baby was born he was washed and the special words "Allahu Akbar" were whispered into the baby's ear, meaning "God is greatest". Muslims want the name of Allah to be the first word that their new baby hears, because Allah is very important.


The children passed the baby around and whispered words into the baby's ear words that they thought were important for a newly born.


After, a drop of honey is placed on the lips of the baby. This is to show that the person hopes their baby will be sweet-natured and kind.


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