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Governing Body


The Governing Body comprises:


Rev'd Canon Katrina Scott (Chair of Governors) is the ex-officio Governor appointed by the Archdeacon of the Diocese

Katrina is Area Dean in the Church of England for the North Cotswold area, and as such works closely with our local churches and clergy. Katrina was appointed as an additional Governor in May 2016, due to this role and her experience of Governing Bodies in a variety of settings. In May 2017 Katrina took on the ex-officio Foundation Governor role and the Chair position.


She has been a governor of 6 schools over the past 18 years, in both urban and rural settings, including a range in size, structure and stage of schooling too. Katrina enjoys the opportunity to work with schools to offer the best possible experience of education that engages with the whole child and develops their potential.


Within this Governing Body, Katrina is keen to develop good relationships with our communities, staff, churches and to see the school go from strength to strength. She is a member of both the Standards and Resources Committees.

Areas of Responsibility: Staff & pupil morale; SIAMS; Church school distinctiveness; RE; Community relations, safeguarding.


Jo Jonson is ex-officio Governor as Head of the school

I joined the school in 1998, initially as a class teacher, then as Deputy Head Teacher, and since 2010 as Head Teacher.  I am completely committed to making St. James' & Ebrington C. of E. School the best it can be, with the children at the heart of everything we do.  Previous to working in Gloucestershire, I had worked in Wiltshire and in two schools in Inner-London.  My whole working life has been dedicated to education of primary children.

When I am not in school, I can usually be found either riding my horse or walking my dogs, whichever it is I will be enjoying the beautiful countryside that we are so blessed to live in.


Rachel Howie is a Foundation Governor, appointed by the Diocese, to serve from 1st June 2017 to 30th May 2018.



James Macdonald is a Foundation Governor



Susie Tombs is a Foundation Governor



Cerys Purser is a Foundation Governor

Cerys Purser is a member of the St. Eadburgha’s Church family and works in music and arts education. Cerys has worked as a professional opera singer and also led music and singing workshops for primary aged children and teacher insets with national opera companies across the UK. Cerys works with a charity that supports children and young people with Autism to access music tuition and is passionate about making high quality music and arts education available to all children. Cerys is also committed to strengthening school and community relationships and the invaluable contribution they make to one another.


Hugh Fuller is a Parent Governor

I have worked in education for sixteen years and have spent eleven of those years on senior leadership teams. I intend to focus on our students’ improvement in academic progress during my time as a school governor. I have a particular interest in English, as it was my chosen subject at university.

I have also taught Drama, Media Studies and have taught and been responsible for PSHE. I have worked with challenging students, and have set up a support unit to aid those who could not adapt to mainstream education. I am still asked for advice on behaviour management as I have set up behaviour management support for staff in two schools.

My other interests include travel abroad, writing and the cinema. I enjoy eating and drinking out; my joy knew no bounds when I found you could do this whilst watching a film at certain cinemas. In my younger days I played and coached American football and still train a little to work off the calories I so love to take on. Of course, I am also a family man and looking after the little ones (one of them is not so little any more) is very rewarding. I hope to see all our children achieve the success they deserve.


Jo Bowen-Jones is a Parent Governor 

I am a busy Mum, working full time in Early Years at a local playgroup and bringing up my two children who are currently in years 5 and 2 at school. My husband is an arable farmer and farm life is also very hectic. I have worked in a variety of roles in the past, gaining experience in people management, budgeting, financial planning, print procurement in both the litho and digital sectors and project management for a multi-national company, all prior to having children and my career change into the Early Years arena. I feel very strongly about safeguarding for all children and staff, and for every child to have equal and fair opportunities to develop and progress to the best of their abilities with all of the support that they need to achieve this.


Alyson Jessopp is a Staff Governor 



Amanda Tudor is a Local Authority Governor.



Any communication with the Governors should be addressed to the Clerk to the Governors. The email address is




Attendance Record of Current Governors:




Register of Interests:

Joanna Jonson: is employed as Head of the School.  This is a pecuniary interest.


Katrina Scott: Is a Governor of two local schools:  Temple Guiting Church of England Primary School and The Cotswold School. These are non-pecuniary interests.


Rachel Howie: To be confirmed.



Details of Additional Governors who have now ended their term of service.


Hayley James appointed from 28 5 16 to 27 5 17 Interests: Providing Governor training for the LA. Non pecuniary interest.

Ruth Kessell appointed from 28 5 16  to 27 5 17 Interests: Providing Governor training for the LA. Non Pecuniary interest.

Brian Bartlett appointed from 28 5 16, stepped down December 2016. Interests: none.

Deb Harris appointed from 28 5 16 to 30 9 17.  Interests: none


Details of Previous Governors who were serving during 2015-2016, including start date of first term, date stepped down, Governor type and attendance at meetings in 15/16 academic year. Please see document below:

Register of interests of Previous Governors

Kim Binder None

Craig Bishop Vicar of St James Church Chipping Campden and of St Eadburgha's Ebrington. Children attending the school. These are non-pecuniary interests.

Julia Colbourne-Newstead Child in Class 3, year 3 and Child in Class 2, year 2. These are non-pecuniary interests.

Ben Daldry Paid member of teaching staff. This is a pecuniary interest.

James Grabham Child at the school. This is a non-pecuniary interest.

Joan Holden None

Alyson Jessopp MDSA at the school - a Pecuniary interest. Married to Chris Jones, Chair of Governors - a non-pecuniary interest.

Christopher Jones Trustee of the playing field and recreation ground trust; Member of Chipping Campden Town Council. Both non-pecuniary. Married to Alyson Jessopp. This is a pecuniary interest as she is an MDSA.

Joanna Jonson Employed as Head of the school. This is a pecuniary interest.

Rowan Keyte Parent of pupils at the school in Years 2 and 3. This is a non-pecuniary interest.

Lorna Oswell Parent of a child in class JC4. This is a non-pecuniary interest.

Jonathan Rawlings Wife employed as a TA at the school. Pecuniary interest.

Sharon Righton Paid member of teaching staff. A pecuniary interest.

James Wilkinson None.


Clerk to the Governors

Clerk: Jordanna Jones

The clerk is a paid employee, working on average 10 hours per month, Mondays 10am - 1pm and appointed by the Governors. Jordanna has been clerk since 1st September 2017.


The school has three Trustee bodies:


  • The Churchwardens of St. Eadburgha's, Ebrington


  • The Churchwardens of St. James', Chipping Campden


  • The Thynne & Weymouth Endowed Schools Foundation : Children who attended St. James', who live within the boundaries of the parish of St. James', are provided with a small grant to help them buy certain essentials before transferring to secondary education, on leaving Year 6.  At the point when they move on to higher education, after A levels, those who transferred to Campden School are offered a further grant as long as their permanent address is still within the parish boundaries.  A supplementary grant is provided as they enter their third year in higher education, again, with the residency proviso. 

    Those students who attended St. James' and still comply with the residency clause, who decide to leave Campden School after GCSE results, may apply for a grant if they decide to continue their studies at one of the further education colleges.  The Trustees, however, do not pay out on these grants until the student provides written proof of his/her satisfactory completion of their chosen course.
  • St James' & Ebrington C. of E. Primary School
  • Pear Tree Close, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire,
  • GL55 6DB
  • Ebrington Site
  • Hidcote Road, Ebrington,
  • Gloucestershire, GL55 6NQ
  • 01386 840634