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Refugee Cake Sale February 2017


An amazing effort by the KS2 girls at the St James site raising £160 for the School Bus Project who drive around in a refurbished double-decker bus which is now a mobile school for refugees, wow!

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Mr Daldry's refugee work Christmas 2017


Thank you all for your generous donations and support to help me get out to Lesvos in Greece this Christmas. As many of you know, I was called up early December by the charity 'Movement On The Ground (MOTG) with an urgent cry for help as refugees are still pouring over to Lesvos even though it is not on the news and that they were seriously short of volunteers. There are double the number of refugees from when I was in Lesvos at Easter, 4000 to now 8000 and conditions for most people in the camps are appalling, far worse than at Easter and far worse than I could have imagined.

Photos are banned from being taken at the main refugee camp where conditions are shocking but I did manage to sneak a few. I also took out to Lesvos 30kg of supplies for the children in an extra suitcase and 450 Euros as a donation for MOTG who desperately need funds.


If you want more information just come and ask.

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