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Check-In 0-10 Scale

Twice a day children are encouraged to check in with their class teacher using a 0-10 system.

0 being the worse day ever, feelings of sadness/anger or generally just feeling rubbish.

10 being the best day ever, feelings of happiness/excitement and joy. 

We try to encourage the children to note how they are feeling at the time and if their 'number' has changed, if they are an 8 now were they the same when they woke up? It is a valuable tool for staff to begin to understand how a child is feeling, especially if they are unable to voice their emotions or feelings.

Staff model to the children the number they are as well and explain the reasons behind the number; for example "Right now I am a 6, which means I am happy but when I woke up this morning I was a 2 because I didn't sleep well and I was tired and grumpy."


A child who responds with a low number will then have time with their teacher to discuss any concerns, if the numbers are consistently low then concerns are shared with the Head of School and passed on to Emma Clark, Pastoral Lead to help support the child.

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