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Hello EC1! I hope you are all staying safe and well at home as much as you can. Although this may seem like a scary time we can all get through it together as long as we carry on being kind, listen to the grown-ups looking after us and help each other. 


With the closure of school, our class page will be used as an online learning platform. Each Monday, new classwork and educational activities will be uploaded for your child to complete at home during that week. These will be a mixture of interactive, creative and workbook based activities, most of which should be able to be completed independently. For EYFS activities, please also see the JCR Class Page. For those of you who were able to be in school on Friday, we have provided you with an exercise book but you can also use any paper, notebooks or computers that you have at home to record your learning.  


Work set will consist of the following:

A maths task based on the current unit of work or a previous unit to consolidate.

A maths fluency task for each day of the week based around the four number operations.

2 x reading comprehension activities.

A piece of writing to complete

Set of spellings (to be self-tested or by an adult)

An ongoing project with a set of questions linked to the current topic.


We are not able to send reading books home but ask that you continue to hear your child read as often as possible by reading together. There are also a great selection of ebooks available via apps and online. We have pin pointed a few for ease in the 'useful websites' section below.


Reading comprehension pdfs are differentiated so please scroll through the document to see the different levels. They also provide answers for guidance. The VIPERS Comprehension links to our class book 'Tuesday by David Wiesner', each sheet contains the picture from the book which the questions are referring to - the children will be familiar with this. 


Please remember that you can use our class email: to ask any questions or keep us updated with any photographs of your learning. I will be checking this daily.

We look forward to seeing how you are getting on!

Miss Jarrett 

WB 15.06.20


Hi EC1! How are you all this week?

Life is very busy at the St. James' site, so much so that I have not yet finished reading a single book this month but thankfully I have been able to catch-up with some reading over the weekend. My book is all about a magical heron made out of rain. With it being much more cloudy and rainy outside, Louie and I have moved inside rather than reading in the garden. 

It was wonderful to read your emails and thank you very much for the photographs! You have been doing some fabulous learning at home and good deeds outside in the countryside. Keep up the brilliant work!

Don't forget to head over to the Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pages for this week's activities. Make sure you stop by the Outdoor Learning Page to see some Forest School challenges from Mrs Monkhouse too!


Stay safe and have fun!

Miss Jarrett

WB 08.06.20


Hi EC1! I hope you have been having a good week. It has been very busy in school with lots of work and organising to do however it has been wonderful to see several of our Ebrington children back in school. A big thank you to those of you sending in your photographs of projects and the emails about what you have been up to - it is lovely to hear from you so please keep emailing in!


Your home learning this week is now over on the year group page. Please keep following the White Rose Learning videos and the Oak National Academy videos as well if you wish to. I believe The Firework Maker's Daughter book is going down very well with Year 2 pupils!

Please email in if you have any problems - have a good week my stay-at-home heroes! laugh


Miss Jarrett

Laurie's Gladiator Fight

Still image for this video
As part of his home learning project about the Romans, Laurie has made an excellent model of the Colosseum and filmed this incredible gladiator fight!

WB 01.06.20

Hi EC1!

I hope you have been enjoying your half-term break and managed to spend a little bit of time in the sunshine armed with your hats and suncream. Although I have been very busy trying to organise things at school ready for the new term, I have also managed to spend a bit of time relaxing in the garden. I took my dogs out for a little walk up the hills near where I live and we were very excited to see lots of little lambs in the field. Bailey desperately wanted to run after and play with them, however Louie was not very keen!

Now that school is beginning to open to some more children, I look forward to perhaps seeing some of you very soon. For those of you that are not able to come back yet, keep working hard! I know it is immensely difficult but I am so proud of you all for being such super stay-at-home heroes. I'm only a short email away so do keep in touch and send me a message at any time! :)

Miss Jarrett

WB 18.05.20

Hi EC1! Thank you so much for your letter replies. It has been wonderful to hear from you. I hope you all have a good week! 

WB 11.05.20


Hi EC1! I hope you are all well and enjoying the return of the sunshine after last week's rain. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Luca for Monday 11th May. Although your birthday may feel slightly different this year, I hope you still have a wonderful time celebrating with your family. 😊🎂🎈


WB 04.05.20


Happy May EC1! 🙂

Thank you to those of you who have been emailing in. It has been wonderful to see what you have been up to at home. Even though we are in very strange times, there always seems to be something to celebrate. This week, we have a special bank holiday because Friday 8th May is VE Day (Victory in Europe Day) which we started celebrating at the end of World War Two. If you wanted to find out a little bit more about VE Day then have a look at the KS1 pack on this link: 

There are some fun videos to watch too including some black and white videos from the time itself! Your Reading Comprehension this week is also based on VE Day. If you're feeling particularly inspired you could learn more about Captain Tom Moore. He has been in the news a lot recently and is the 100 year old war veteran who has done an amazing job raising millions of pounds for the NHS. He fought in the Second World War in places such as Burma and India. You could find out a little bit more about him and his amazing achievements.

Keep your eyes peeled on your inboxes as there may be a little surprise waiting for you on Fridays! 😉

Stay safe,

Miss Jarrett 😊

W.B. 27.04.20


Hello EC1!

Your work this week has been created slightly differently. You still have the usual set pieces of work which you have been doing for the past few weeks, however I have also put together a completely optional timetable of online video lessons from Oak National Academy, White Rose Home Learning and BBC Bitesize which all link to your work. You can access these alongside your set activities should you wish to do so.


As the resources from Oak National Academy, BBC Bitesize and White Rose Home Learning are usually uploaded on a week-by-week basis and we are setting work in advance of the week, I do not always have access to what will be coming up in subsequent weeks. Therefore, I have been using resources uploaded from previous weeks to pull them together and create your school work around. The dates for these are listed on the daily schedule but it may mean that you might have seen some of these videos before. I apologise if this is the case but hopefully going forwards there will not be too many clashes.


I will continue to set the work in this way from now on as long as you are finding it more helpful and useful. Please do visit Oak National Academy, White Rose Home Learning and BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons as they also have brilliant activities relating to the other subject areas. Feel free to use the class email ( if you would like any further clarification or if you have any questions about this. Please also keep checking the Home Learning Page, this is regularly updated with new weblinks and resources. This week’s updates include links to Carol Vorderman’s The Maths Factor and David Walliams’ Elevenses websites; a link to some free Yoga videos; wordsearches promoting inclusion and a new Letters and Sounds Phonics YouTube channel funded by the DfE.

W.B. 20.04.20


Hi EC1! I hope you have all enjoyed the Easter break. Below is the set work for this week but I would also like to draw your attention to some of the other exciting things happening over the next few days which you could also decide to research and celebrate if you wanted to.

Tuesday 21st April is Queen Elizabeth II's Birthday. One of your reading comprehensions will tell you some more information about this but if you wanted to bake a cake, design and make your own crown or have a mini-birthday that would also be a fun way to celebrate.

Thursday 23rd April is St. George's Day. St. George is the patron saint of England and there is a very famous story written about him where he battled a dragon. You can watch a video from CBeebies about St. George's Day at If you wanted to celebrate St. George's Day you could design and make your own Knight's shield or helmet, make England flags, create a fun dragon mask or even plan your own picnic to have in your living rooms or gardens.

Thursday 23rd April is also William Shakespeare's birthday. Shakespeare was a very famous writer who lived over 450 years ago and was born in Stratford-Upon-Avon. He wrote many famous plays which are still performed today in theatres all around the world. You can find out more about him here:

If you wanted to celebrate Shakespeare's birthday you could have some fun writing your own 'knock knock' jokes to test on your families or you could even make your own mini-play to perform altogether.

Have fun!


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Useful Websites

 Here you will find a selection of links to websites which have some useful resources to extend your learning or provide ideas of other exciting challenges you can do at home.

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