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Miss Riddle does... George Ezra's 'Shotgun' -- Welcome back, EC2!

Someone in my class - I don't remember who - challenged me to play 'Shotgun' on my guitar when I had it in school. At the time, I couldn't: I love the guitar but I've never learned anything except a few basic chords. Lockdown seemed the right time to practise... and to get my family involved with making a music video!

EC2, I miss you, I hope you enjoy this! Thanks for inspiring me!

Some of you have been sending Miss Riddle animations and pictures of what you have been getting up to - here are a few. If you want to see your work on this page, send Miss Riddle an email! There's some fantastic, fun stuff going on at your houses!

Ode to a potato, set to music, written and composed by Edward

Passing Time

Still image for this video
Making a beautiful sundial - what a fantastic thing to do on a sunny day. Well done girls!

Poems and other writing that I have been sent - I love reading what you have written, keep them coming!

Creative projects at home - art, cooking, design, science - it's lovely to see what you're up to!

And an animation involving cars doing tricks.

Still image for this video

Filming outdoor fun

Still image for this video

A times table animation!

Still image for this video
Making the 6 x table fun - good effort girls!
Over the coming weeks, I will be adding links to useful online resources - keep checking back as I will add them when I find them. If you find any good ones which aren't on here, please let me know so I can add them!
Mixed subjects: 
Maths Activities:
English Activities:

Art / Creative Activities:


I really recommend the app I can animate. There is a free version which I use and it is so much fun making your own stop-motion animations (animations using photographs). It is how I made the animation at the top of the page.  

Music Activities:


Rhythm Cat is a good music app, a fun game to play along to with a fun soundtrack, which aims at learning to read the most common musical rhythms. 

Science Activities:
PE Activities:
Computing Activities: 
PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) Activities:

A concert from Miss Riddle

I have been practising my recorder during lockdown. I started playing the recorder when I was 10, and had lessons until I was 18, but since then I have only played it every now and then. I've taught myself a new piece, and I thought I would give a little concert!
The piece is called 'Pan Overheard'. I explain a bit about that in the introduction to the video, but I forgot to mention that Pan - a Greek god - played an instrument called the panpipes. This piece is supposed to sound like Pan playing his panpipes to himself in a forest.

Pyjamarama - Reading and pyjama day - Friday 1st May 2020. We are inviting you all to take part in this national celebration of book reading... while wearing pyjamas!

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