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Summer Term

Our big question this term is 'Why is our food so fabulous?'. We are going to be learning about plants and seasonal changes in Science, changes in farming in History and weather types in Geography. Our Design and Technology this term will focus on cooking and preparing food and the artist that we are studying for art is Van Gough. 







PE - Is on a Thursday morning. Remember you need to come into school dressed in your PE clothes. Mr Cooper will be teaching PE outside this term with a focus on tennis and athletics


Spellings - You are going to get new spellings each week on a Monday. Your spellings will include words with the sounds we have been learning in phonics but also some tricky words. We will have spelling tests every Friday morning. 


Reading - Reading books are now being changed three times a week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We are encouraging your child to do lots of reading at home and to read the same book more than once to improve reading skills, expression and comprehension. Please write in your child's reading record book. 

Value of the term

Our value for this term is 'Creativity'.

'In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.'

In school we are thinking about the story of creation and ways that we can show our creativity in and out of school. Please look out for the 'Creativity Postcards' that will be coming home in reading folders to celebrate something creative that you have done at home, if you want to send this back in with a photograph of your creative accomplishment. 


In Maths we have been looking at multiplication and division. We have be practicing counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s and we have loved joining in with videos to do this. 

We start thinking about multiplication by finding and making equal groups and seeing how many 'objects' there are altogether. We have been using counters to show, make and count our groups. 

When we move on to division we are going to think about sharing counters and splitting them into equal groups. 



In English this term we are using the story of 'The Little Red Hen' to inspire our writing. We are going to be thinking about story writing and instructions. We have really enjoyed listening to this story. So far we have created a story map and have worked on retelling the story with actions. The children have also planned a 'what next' story, about what might happen to The Little Red Hen and her farm animal friends in a new story. 




We have started our topic learning by thinking about the history of farming. We have done some brilliant work comparing the past and the present using time words like: then, now, before, a long time ago, old and new. 

We learnt all about how sheep farming has changed and why it used to be really important in Chipping Campden, and we were lucky enough to have a visit from Nettle the lamb. 



In Science we have started our topic on plants. We have planted sunflowers ready to observe how they grow and we learnt how most plants start to grow from a seed. We are also going to experiment what plants need to survive so planted extra sunflowers under different conditions. One will have water and light, one will have no water and no light, one will have light and no water and the last one has water but no light. We predicted which one we will think grow the best. 



RE Week - Who is Jewish and how do they live?

For our first RE week this term we have been thinking about Judaism. We have learnt about lots of important Jewish objects and how Jewish families live. We also shared our own ideas and opinions about what we think God is like before learning about the Shema a Jewish prayer about God. We learnt how the Torah and other important prayers are written in Hebrew and then we had a go at writing our names Hebrew. Finally we learnt about an important Jewish celebration called Shabbat. 



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