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The children have been busy practising singing, playing glockenspiels and composing in music over the last few weeks.  We are experts!  We can perform our song and play the instruments and we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves!  wink

We have finished our unit in Art about natural sculptures, inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy.  The children designed their own collages using images of their clay models, land art and they drew some of the natural materials they used to decorate it.  These collages look great!  yes

The children have been extending their learning about algorithms in computing and they have been sending the Beebots around a mat trying to avoid the obstacles!  How successful were they?

What another extremely busy week we have had in JC2 again!  We have learnt about germination, planted seeds and bulbs, programmed our Beebots with algorithms, practised our cricket skills and played glockenspiels to 'Zootime', a song we are learning.  Phew!!  We are all exhausted and ready for the weekend! yes

Hello everyone!  Welcome to the summer term,  We have only been back a week and already the children have been extremely busy!  Our key question this term is 'How would you advise the Three Little Pigs?' and we have started by looking at different types of houses in history, learning a new song in music and practising algorithms in computing.


In Art this week the children have been making models of natural objects and things, having been inspired by Andy Goldsworthy's sculptures using natural objects that he finds outside.  Take a look at JC2'S clay models  yes

We have also been retelling the story of The Three Little Pigs in English.  The children worked in groups and learned the story by heart using actions.  They then performed the story in front of the class.  Take a look at the photos below, they were brilliant!  smiley 


We have been reading 'The True story of the Three Little Pigs as an alternative version to the original traditional tale.  We all thought it was very funny and next week we will be reading 'The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig'.  We can't wait for that story!  wink

Hi Everyone!  Please find below the activities that I have set for today, until Microsoft Teams is up and running.  We will get through this together, you are all fabulous!!  yes
A very warm welcome to JC2.  We are a class of 11 Y2 children taught by Mrs Loram and we are all looking forward to an exciting and different year ahead.
Today the children have been learning what a Christingle is and had a go at making one.  Thank you to 'Vegetable Matters' in Ebrington for donating the oranges.  yes
This term during RE Week, the children have been trying to answer the question of Why Christmas matters to Christians.  They have learned lots of new vocabulary such as incarnation, secular, sacred and Advent.  We have looked at the 'Big Frieze' in class, which is a series of painted pictures that represent events in the Bible.  We looked at the Incarnation part of the frieze, which shows the birth of Jesus and shows him as a golden figure on a twisty road to the cross.  The children kept seeing more and more detail the longer we looked at it.  smiley
JC2 have been extremely busy recently.  We have been on a mini-beast hunt, looking  at microhabitats in science and we have been making clay pots for D&T after researching African pots.  Take a look at the photos below and we will let you see our finished pots soon! yes
Here are our finished pots!  The children loved the design, create, and evaluate process.  They even learnt how to give constructive feedback to each other about the pots.  smiley
Here we are hunting for mini-beasts!  We recorded our results and then entered them on a pictogram.  We discovered that not all mini-beasts  like the same microhabitats as they have different needs.
We learnt about African inspired patterns in Art this term, so we decided to make some placemats by weaving paper.  We used African animal prints along with some African patterns.  Do you like them?  The children are looking forward to bringing them home and putting them on the dinner table! wink

The children will be bringing home a pack of reading books every Monday along with a list of spellings for the week.  The books will need to be returned every Friday and new ones will be issued on the following Monday.


Spelling tests will take place every Friday.


PE is every Thursday and the children will wear their PE kits to school.


Homework will be issued every Monday to be completed and handed in on Friday.  Of course, if it is completed before Friday, then the children can bring it in earlier.  There will be alternate weeks of Maths and English homework.


Please find below an overview of what we will be learning in JC2 this year!


Finally, if you have any worries or questions about your child, then feel free to make an appointment to come and see me.  Our aim is to have happy, healthy children at school, who are excited and motivated to learn, because as we all know LEARNING IS FUN! smiley
Thank you to those that supported the Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal at school this week.  The children have been busy making poppies for our 'Tree of Remembrance', which looks lovely by the main entrance in the KS1 corridor.  Today JC2 have been learning about Remembrance Day and why we celebrate it, a very important lesson 'lest we forget'.
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