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Tuesday 19th March 2019

Special Times - Islam

LO - What do Muslims do during the festival of Eid?


After a long month of fasting where Muslims spend time praying and thinking about the poor, they have a special celebration after, called Eid. Some Muslims eat apples stuffed with sweet rice during Eid. Today JC1 made our very own to try. Tum, yum!

Tuesday 12th March 2018

Being Special - Muslim

LO - Who is Muhammad?


Today the children heard the stories of 'The Baby Birds' and 'The Tiny Ants' which show the caring nature of Muhammad and how he wants everyone to respect Allah's creation. Some Children even built their own mosques.

Monday 10th December

Special Places

LO - what is a Christians special place?


Today JC1 visited St James Church to investigate a Christian's special place of worship. We were met by the Church Leadership Team and shown stained glass windows, prayer areas, the font and even communion. Thank you Vicar Craig who also turned up to make sure we were all enjoying our experience.

Monday 12th November 2018

Special Places - Christian

LO - Sarah's special place is in her garden, where is yours?


After looking at the church as a special place for Christians we thought we'd see if we had a special place of our own. Sarah (our Christian friend) thinks her garden is her special place where she gets to enjoy the beauty of creation so we investigated our school surroundings. Afterwards we thought of our own special places such as the swimming pools, bedrooms or even a dens. Children discussed how they felt in their special place.


Monday 29th October 2018

Being Special

LO - Can you design your own baptism and shawl?


Today the children investigated baptism and discussed what it is like to be welcomed somewhere. Recently the reception children have had their welcome service and were given a pebble to reflect their uniqueness. Can you spot any Christian symbols?

Tuesday 12th June 2018


LO -Who is Moses and what is Passover? 


Today JC1 investigated the story of Moses looked at how he rescued the Jewish people from slavery with the help of God. We looked at the 10 plagues God sent to Egypt and we made our own special wine cup which Jewish people drink out of during the Passover meal.

Tuesday 22nd May 2018

What is the Jewish festival of Taslich?


Today Samuel talked to us about going to his favourite place, a special river where he and his family meet every year. Whenever he is by the river Samuel remembers Tashlic when all the things he is sorry about float away down the river. Samuel throws sticks in the river and watches them wash away.

Tuesday 24th April 2018

Being Special - Jewish

LO - Jewish people do Shabbat every week with their family, what is Shabbat and what do I do with my family?


 ‘Why is the word “God” so important to Christians?’

LO - why would Christians be interested in caring for animals?

Teacher’s note: At Tom and Tessa’s church, they talk about God a lot. They say and sing words of praise and worship
to God who has made all things. They say the Creed together: ‘I believe in one God, the maker of heaven and earth’.
Some church members work hard to preserve the environment and to ensure that animals and people are looked after
too; they believe it is part of the mission of the church to ‘treasure’ the world God has given to all people.
Tom and Tessa are getting ready for a special service for Animal Welfare Sunday (or a Pet Service). A ‘service’ is
when all the Christians at church get together, usually on Sunday, to sing and pray to God and learn from the Bible

Tom and Tessa are helping to make a big banner for the service. The vicar has given them some special words from
the Bible to arrange on the banner. It needs to say: O LORD, what a variety of things you have made! In wisdom
you have made them all. The earth is full of your creatures. (Psalm 104:24 NLT)

The vicar has asked all the children to paint ‘creatures’ to go on the banner and carry it into church at the start
of the special service. They are going to need help with this. They also need to choose a song to teach to the
adults in church. We've been learning 'From The Tiny Ant . . .'

Tuesday 13th March 2018

Special Places

LO - Why is the church so special to Christians?


Today JC1 went to visit St James' Church where we were given a special tour. This was exciting as usually we have to sit down on the pews in silence but this time we were allowed to explore. We also made stain glass windows and read the story 'Puddles Lends A Paw' which helped us learn about all the jobs that go on in the church every week. 


Why is the word 'God'so important to Christians?


For Christians the word ‘God’ is important as the name of someone very important: the Creator of the universe and all that is in it, including people and animals. It is important to draw inferences from the Creation Story as to what God is like.


Why would God make Jellyfish?


LO - Create jellyfish with collage material, playdough or jelly. Discuss results. Was it easy to create a jellyfish? Was it alive when you had finished? Why not? Explore the idea that Christians believe God is the giver of life, giving life even to jellyfish.




Being Special - Muslim


Today the children investigated how Muslims welcome babies into the world. Saffiyya came to JC1 to tell the children how her Muslim family welcomed their baby brother into the world. Muslims believe that babies are a gift from Allah (God). As soon as the baby was born he was washed and the special words "Allahu Akbar" were whispered into the baby's ear, meaning "God is greatest". Muslims want the name of Allah to be the first word that their new baby hears, because Allah is very important.


The children passed the baby around and whispered words into the baby's ear words that they thought were important for a newly born.


After, a drop of honey is placed on the lips of the baby. This is to show that the person hopes their baby will be sweet-natured and kind.



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