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Welcome to JC1


Our class teacher is Miss Karasinski. We've had a very exciting start to the term, settling in to our new classroom and we are ready to have an exciting year in Year 1.laugh


Welcome back to our second term. This term our whole school topic is 'Time Detectives' and across school we are exploring different areas of History. In year 1 we are thinking about 'Toys From the Past'. We are going to learnt about the toys that Victorian children played with and how these are different to the toys we play with today.

We are going to link our topic to our new science unit on materials, we will be thinking about certain materials and the properties that they have. Testing to see if their
properties make them better for certain objects than others.


Finally, with the start of our second term the countdown towards a certain someone visiting is on its way. As a class we are looking forward to joining in with all the festivities at school during December. 



We have been looking at physical and human features of a coast. We know that human features are build by people and the physical features are natural.


Can you think of any physical or human features of a coastline? See if someone in JC1 could tell you. 


This week we have been looking at lighthouses and the important job they have. We have used a focus text to learn all about the history of lighthouses, lighthouse keepers and the modern technologies that keep lighthouses working. 


The children have really enjoyed looking at the book and its now in our book area for us to enjoy even more. 



In English we have been working on poems linked to our senses. We imagined we were at the seaside and thought about all the wonderful things we would be able to see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

The children worked incredibly hard on drafting, editing and then publishing their final poems.




In maths our learning has moved on to counting forwards and backwards to and from 10. We have been solving problems in groups and proving our answers using concrete resources. 

How would you know if someone is counting forwards or backwards? What would be happening to the numbers?



As well as having a focus on water and our topic of UK Coasts and Beaches we have been looking at animals in science.


We have been learning how animals are classified and how certain animals belong in the same ‘family’ because they have things that are the same about them.


We have learnt about grouping animals into mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. See if someone in JC1 could tell you an animal that belongs in one of these groups and ask them to prove it with a fact.

RE week


This term our RE week focused on the story of Creation. We spent the week thinking about who Christians thought made the world, how God created the Earth in 6 days, and what can we be thankful for in our world.

The children enjoyed all the planned activities including a visit to the church and some creation art work.

Outdoor Learning 


Every Tuesday morning, we are lucky enough to have time to do outdoor learning in our new forest school area. We have really enjoyed being outside and exploring different areas around the school site.



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