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Hello JC1, 

Home learning activities are now being uploaded to our 'Year 1' star on class pages. Here you will find maths, fluency, english and reading activities for each week. Our topic grid and activities are also on this page. Please continue to send me emails and photographs of all the things that you get up to as I will continue to upload these onto our class page so you can 'keep in touch' with all your friends.


Its been lovely to see what some of you got up to last week and that some of you dived straight back into home learning. I had a very busy week back at school. On Saturday my brother and I decided to go for a long walk which included a few very steep hills! We even got followed by some very curious cows. Although it may have taken us a long time to reach the top we got some brilliant views of the Cotswold countryside and the sun even shone for us. 

Miss K 





Hello everyone, 

It's been brilliant to receive so many emails from you over the last couple of weeks. Its clear to see that you are all enjoying our new 'Outer Space' topic with all the creative work you have been up to. It looks like you all had another amazing week and are continuing to work incredibly hard, keep up the good work. 

I'm hoping that we get a bit more sunshine this week so you can take some of your home learning outside. Because I've been in school I haven't been at our allotment as regularly as I was. I was so shocked when I walked up on Sunday to see how quickly all the fruit and vegetables are growing. If you've been gardening I would love to see all the things that you've been up to. 



Another exciting that happened this week is that my Mum and I finally finished a sowing lock down project that we started at the end of March! Can you work out how many months ago that was? My mum is amazing at sowing and quilting and we've had a Christmas project that we've needed to do and never found any time to do it. I know its ages until Christmas but we are both really excited to be able to hang this up somewhere when we get to December! 



I hope you all have another amazing week smiley


Hello Again, 

Well done for making it through another week of home learning, we are nearly at the point where we can count down to the summer holidays. 

I hope you've all had another enjoyable week, even though we did have quite a bit of rain. 

I've had another busy weekend baking in the kitchen. I made a cherry cake for my family and by looking at how much is left I think they have all enjoyed it. Cherry Bakewell is one of my favourite things to eat. I also walked to the post office in the village with my Mum and we bought some pizza flour and had a go at making our own pizzas. They were delicious! I love cheese and pizza cheeky Have another great week, keep being amazing. Miss K 


Summer Term Pictures

Spring Term Pictures

Eden (and family) present a very geographical and topic related Newsround

Still image for this video

WEBSITESHere are some useful websites and apps that I will be asking you to refer to and use in the future. I will continue to update this list as more websites change and develop to support teachers and parents whilst you are learning at home.



  • I'd like to bring your attention to the Live PE sessions Joe Wicks is going to be holding every weekday morning at 9am on his YouTube channel (The Body Coach TV). This is free and the sessions will last for 30 minutes. Whilst the schools are closed, this would be a fantastic and exciting activity for your child/children to be involved in, something a little bit different as well. 
  • In the past we have also enjoyed using the Cosmic Kids Yoga website, using our bodies in different ways through Yoga and retelling some brilliant children stories and films:
  • Another great way to get you child moving is through using Just Dance or Go Noodle video clips that you can find on YouTube.


Phonics, Reading and Writing








BBC bitesize we'll be changing to bring you daily content that supports you as schools close across the UK, to help you with your education and wellbeing. The KS1 primary site is full of videos and games to support learning.


Online Safety At Home:


This week (1/06/2020) your focus is fraction - focusing and halves and quarters for the first time. At this stage its very visual, using shapes and finding fractions of amounts. You can use anything at home to represent the pictures on the slides and help your child's understanding in a concrete way. 

All your tasks and challenges are in the same format as I teach the children at school - they should be familiar with these -  Do It, Stretch It and Solve It. The chimp (Chatty Chimp) at the bottom of each slide shares key vocabulary and words with the children and the Alien (Orbit) who appears on some slides always wants to know more, so the children have to explain their thinking and reasoning whenever he appears. 

0 - 20 Number Cards

Weekly Math Fluency

Spelling list 1.06.20 (adding the prefix -un)


Teach that -un is a prefix this means that it is added to the start of the word to change the meaning of it. Show this with the example happy. Happy -> unhappy. How does the meaning of the word change?

Investigate what happens to these words when you add -un to certain words.

Explore this with the following adjectives (describing words): helpful, fortunate, fair, fit.

Explore this with the following verbs (doing/action words): tie, fold, block, plug.


  1. Lucky
  2. Unlucky
  3. Kind
  4. Unkind
  5. Tidy
  6. Untidy
  7. Lock
  8. Unlock
  9. Do
  10. Undo


It is fine to learn these words in pairs and it may help to draw two comparing pictures, so your child remembers them. However, I would advise that when you test that you mix up the order so they aren’t in pairs that way you will really test your child’s understanding of the prefix and their spelling knowledge.

Topic (Science,Geography,History,Art, D&T)


We've made it to the second summer term! This hopefully means even more sunshine, ice creams and the smell of sun cream, it also means that we have a new topic. 


Our topic for this half term is 'Outer Space', with a focus on Neil Armstrong as a significant individual in History. You will be learning all about everything to infinity and beyond including space, stars, the planets, astronauts and getting into space.



Below is a link to our topic grid for this subject, on here are exciting tasks and challenges for you to complete. I would like you to choose one of these creative tasks to complete each week. There are some ideas about how to create/present your work but you can be as creative as you wish, and as ever I would love to see what you get up to! 


Please let your learning and interests guide you, there is no limit on what you can do and please don't feel like you have to stick to the project grid. You can create your own projects and choose what areas of space interest you.


I will continue to look at for interesting videos and resources to help you along the way. 



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