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Welcome to JC1


Our class teacher is Miss Karasinski. We've had a very exciting start to the term, settling in to our new classroom and we are ready to have an exciting year in Year 1.


Welcome back to term 3, let's hope the weather stars to become more spring like soon. This term our whole school topic is 'Earth, The Universe and Everything'. In year 1 we are thinking about 'Earth' and in particular we are going to be looking at the countryside and landscape around us. Our topic work is called, 'Chipping Campden and Me'.

Our science unit this term is 'Brilliant Bodies'. We are going to be looking at different parts of our body and naming and locating where our five senses come from. 



We started our topic by recapping the difference between human and physical features of geography. 

This term we are thinking about the countryside and our local area so with the help of Google Earth and aerial photographs of Chipping Campden we made a list of all the features of the countryside that we could see. 


Our list included: fields, trees, houses, hedges, green, roads and buildings. 



In our new English unit we are author investigators and we are going to be looking at the author Julia Donaldson. 

We will be looking at a number of her books and looking for features of her writing. 

We've already thought about questions we would like to ask her and done some of our own research using the school laptops.


Next week we are going to be looking at finding common features in a number of Julia Donaldson books as well as writing book reviews and blurbs. Saying what we like or dislike about one of her books. 


If you have any Julia Donaldson books that you enjoy reading at home, please bring them in so we can share them together. 



Maths has already begun in JC1 and this week we have been focusing on shapes. Our main focus has been looking at recognising and naming 2D shapes. We have been amazing at using all our Chatty Chimp words to describe and talk about 2D shapes. 


The children have enjoyed creating pictures from shapes, describing a hidden shape to the class as well as working on a challenging puzzle together where they had to recognise and match up parts of shapes.


Next week our focus will be on 3D shapes. 





On Friday, the school took part in a 'Health and Well being day'. Part of this meant that we thought about what we could do to make our bodies and minds healthy. We talked about loads of different ways that this could be done. 


We also took some time with JCR to think about how sleep is important for our minds and our bodies. We compared a good bedtime routine to a bad one and also had a go at role playing these two scenarios. 


The children really enjoyed the day. 


RE week


This term our RE week focused Muslims and Islam, our big question was, 'Who are Muslims?'


We have really enjoyed looking at a different religion and the children were able to ask really good question comparing their knowledge to Christianity.

One activity that all the children particularly enjoyed was learning that The Qur'an and some Muslims can write in Arabic. We looked at the Arabic alphabet and how the Arabic word for God is Allah. Then we learnt how instead of writing from left to right like we do, we do the opposite. We then had a go at writing our names in Arabic. 


We also looked at one of the stories that is told by one of Allahs prophets, 'The Prophet and the Ants' and we learnt through this story that Allah wants Muslims to know that all animals and creatures are important, no matter how big or small they are. 


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