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Keep smiling and being amazing! Be good to your parents, listen to them and love spending time together.


Good Morning JC1, we've made it to half term week!! Wohoo! You've all worked incredibly hard over the last term and have made me really proud to be your teacher.  There is no work set this week so enjoy plenty of rest, sunshine and time with your family.


Hopefully I'll see some of you very soon 😊


Miss K 




New home school learning activities will now be continued to be uploaded on a weekly basis (every Monday morning).


A reminder that this work will consist of: 

Maths based on the current unit of work or previous units to consolidate

A fluency task for each day of the week 

Reading comprehension sheets/exercises (VIPERS)

A piece of writing to complete 

A reminder to read / learn x tables / practice phonics

Spellings (linked to our phonics and tricky words) to be self-tested or tested by an adult at the end of the week

A ongoing project grid with questions/activities/tasks linked to the current topic


If you have any new concerns or worries then please contact me via our class email, and please keep referring to our class page for new work and exciting updates from all your friends.


Miss Karasinski 

Eden (and family) present a very geographical and topic related Newsround

Still image for this video

WEBSITESHere are some useful websites and apps that I will be asking you to refer to and use in the future. I will continue to update this list as more websites change and develop to support teachers and parents whilst you are learning at home.



  • I'd like to bring your attention to the Live PE sessions Joe Wicks is going to be holding every weekday morning at 9am on his YouTube channel (The Body Coach TV). This is free and the sessions will last for 30 minutes. Whilst the schools are closed, this would be a fantastic and exciting activity for your child/children to be involved in, something a little bit different as well. 
  • In the past we have also enjoyed using the Cosmic Kids Yoga website, using our bodies in different ways through Yoga and retelling some brilliant children stories and films:
  • Another great way to get you child moving is through using Just Dance or Go Noodle video clips that you can find on YouTube.


Phonics, Reading and Writing








BBC bitesize we'll be changing to bring you daily content that supports you as schools close across the UK, to help you with your education and wellbeing. The KS1 primary site is full of videos and games to support learning.


Online Safety At Home:


This week (18/05/2020) your focus is multiplication as well as division. At this stage its very visual, with the introduction of grouping and sharing. You can use anything at home to represent the pictures on the slides and help your child's understanding in a concrete way. This is a brilliant area of maths for you to be really practical with. Find lots of containers and compare/measure the capacity of them. All your tasks and challenges are in the same format as I teach the children at school - they should be familiar with these -  Do It, Stretch It and Solve It. The chimp (Chatty Chimp) at the bottom of each slide shares key vocabulary and words with the children and the Alien (Orbit) who appears on some slides always wants to know more, so the children have to explain their thinking and reasoning whenever he appears. 

0 - 20 Number Cards

Weekly Math Fluency

Weekly Math Fluency 1

Spelling List 18.05.20 (adding the suffix -est)


Teach comparison adjectives using the est suffix.  For example, tallest, smallest, coldest, hottest, youngest, oldest.

These are words to describe the most something can be, for example: A giraffe is the tallest animal. The freezer is the coldest place in my house.

-est words can also be used to describe things in other ways. See if your child can add -est to these words to create a new comparison adjective: bright – brightest, soft – softest, smart – smartest, fast – fastest, loud – loudest.


Ask children to write sentences using these comparative words to describe the people in this picture.



  1. Smallest
  2. Fastest
  3. Coldest
  4. Tallest
  5. Smartest
  6. Oldest
  7. Brightest
  8. Two
  9. Has
  10. To
Picture 1

Topic (Science,Geography,History,Art, D&T)


We've made it to the first summer term! This means more sunshine, ice cream and the smell of sun cream, it also means that we have a new topic. 

Our topic for this half term is 'Wonderful Weather', and we are learning about different types of weather and the four seasons. Your home learning will focus on observing changes across the four seasons, describing the weather that is associated with the seasons, different types of weather and how the length of day varies at different times of the year. 


Below is a link to our topic grid for this subject, on here are 8 exciting tasks and challenges for you to complete. I would like you to choose one of these creative tasks to complete each week. There are some ideas about how to create/present your work but you can be as creative as you wish, and as ever I would love to see what you get up to! Please keep emailing me lots of pictures to our class email address as I will continue to check this on weekday evenings.


You could start by using this BBC Bitesize lesson:


Please also keep referring to this section of the website as I will be uploading useful websites, videos and resources for you to look at linking to our topic, as well as the occasional 'Drawing A Day' and other topic learning as it arises. 


I've hunted and found a rainbow at our allotment using this CD! Have you hunted for a rainbow yet? Find this activity and more on our project grid 😊🌈

I've completed my weather chart. Comparing where I live to my favourite holiday destination of Majorca! Have you completed any of the 'Wonderful Weather' activities yet? I would love to have a look laugh

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