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                                Welcome to JC1!


                  This year we have 10 Year 1 children and 10 Reception children in Class 1.

             Our teacher is Mrs Pegg and our teaching assistants are Miss Harris and Mrs Hayden.





  JC1 Newsletter

Summer Term 2019


Welcome back to school for our summer term.  I hope you all had a

lovely Easter break, and that you made the most of the good weather!


  Our topic this term is ‘Superheroes’ and will involve lots of outdoor science-based learning, to make the most of the better weather (fingers crossed). We will be investigating insects (super bugs), animals and plant life and learning about what growing plants and animals need to make them grow, thrive and to keep them healthy and make them (and us) into superheroes! We will also be looking at features of the different classifications of living things and we will be learning to identify some of the leaves and trees growing around our school and village. We are planning to plant a wild flower garden as well as our own fruit and vegetables to eat, so any spare seedlings, cuttings or small plants that you may have at home, that you could spare for our garden would be much appreciated.  If any of you are budding gardeners, and have a bit of time to spare, we would love you to come and help us with some gardening . . . any help would be much appreciated, and some expert advice on planting and nurturing our garden area, or just an extra pair of gardening hands, would be most welcome!

In geography, we will be using simple fieldwork and observational skills to study

 the geography of our school and its grounds and the key human and physical features of its surrounding environment and our locality. We will also be comparing our local environment with a non-European country, and undertaking some basic map work.


Our class assembly will be held on Thursday 13th June (we will confirm the date nearer the time), and to get us all in the mood and have a bit of fun, I thought it would be a nice to have a ‘Bug Day’ on Friday 7th June, and the children in Class 1 could come dressed up as a bug of their choice! Hopefully this gives you enough time to work on a bug outfit together with your child. Your costume can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish – a headband or mask would be fine. We would then like to keep the outfits/masks in school

so we can show them to everyone in our class assembly the following week.


Our school trip this term will be to the Cotswold Wildlife park, at a date to be confirmed,  which we are all very excited about, and will extend our experience of animals and classification in our science learning.


Many thanks for your continued support and we look forward to another busy term and sharing some of our work with you at our assembly, we hope you will be able to join us.


Kind Regards


Mrs Pegg



Mrs Pegg

                                                                                                               Mrs Pegg 1

History - Training to be Knights of St James!

History - Training to be Knights of St James! 1
History - Training to be Knights of St James! 2
History - Training to be Knights of St James! 3

Fine Motor Skills - Woodwork and Weaving

Fine Motor Skills - Woodwork and Weaving 1
Fine Motor Skills - Woodwork and Weaving 2
Fine Motor Skills - Woodwork and Weaving 3

D and T - Designing a stable structure!

D and T - Designing a stable structure! 1 P1310127.JPG
D and T - Designing a stable structure! 2 P1310144.JPG
D and T - Designing a stable structure! 3 P1310101.JPG
D and T - Designing a stable structure! 4 P1310113.JPG
D and T - Designing a stable structure! 5 P1310098.JPG
D and T - Designing a stable structure! 6 P1310118.JPG

Maths - Early Addition

Maths - Early Addition 1
Maths - Early Addition 2
Maths - Early Addition 3
Maths - Early Addition 4
Maths - Early Addition 5
Maths - Early Addition 6
Maths - Early Addition 7

English - reading, writing, stories

English - reading, writing, stories 1
English - reading, writing, stories 2
English - reading, writing, stories 3
English - reading, writing, stories 4
English - reading, writing, stories 5
English - reading, writing, stories 6 My Stickman!

Our Medieval Banquet

Our Medieval Banquet 1
Our Medieval Banquet 2
Our Medieval Banquet 3
Our Medieval Banquet 4
Our Medieval Banquet 5
Our Medieval Banquet 6
Our Medieval Banquet 7



Vouchers have been sent home which help us to develop a complete developmental picture of your child, by recording any significant learning that he or she has experienced at home e.g. being able to read labels and prices in the supermarket, riding a bike without stabilisers, tying shoe laces, doing up coat buttons for the first time, helping to make a cup of tea! We love sharing them with the class and finding out about their achievements outside school.

If you need any more WOW vouchers, please pick them up from the classroom. Your help and support is much appreciated. Thank you.

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