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Home Learning W/B - 13.07.20
Hi everyone!  We have made it to the last week of Home Learning before the summer holidays!  You have all been amazing, both children and adults working very hard over the last few months!  Thank you for all your emails and photos, I have really enjoyed seeing your work and keeping up with what you have been doing.  Hopefully you have all received your final story video and the work for the final week looks a little different.  You will find quizzes, wordsearches and experiments this week, amongst other things.  Have a fabulous summer break everyone, you all deserve it xx
Jack has been busy this week.  He had 8/10 in his spelling test and has been growing seeds and doing science experiments.  Well done Jack!
Home Learning W/B - 6.07.20
Welcome back to Home Learning.  Thank you for all the wonderful photos and videos that you have been sending me, they are great!  Batman got up to a few adventures last week, he must be exhausted!  This week you can learn how to float an egg and design a website for a little girl's business.  Keep a look out for the new story video this week, it's a parody of a well known traditional tale.  Do you know what a parody is?  Let's see if you can find out before I tell you on the video.  smiley
Olivia has got the week off to a good start!  She has made a pizza, ridden her bike and conducted the density experiment with an egg.  Well done Olivia!
Harry has been extremely busy this week with all his schoolwork!  This is just a mall collection of photos showing what he has been up to.  Even his little brother Ryan, who is at nursery, has been giving the addition and subtraction a go, well done Ryan!  Harry has also been doing some messy play, I hope it didn't get TOO messy!
Home Learning - W/B - 29.06.20
Hello everyone!  The home learning tasks are now available in the usual place.  Can you write a story about Batman in the coffee shop?  Can you make fireworks in a jar?  Don't forget the Headstart maths and English booklets, they are there for you to do whenever you want to and look out for another Mrs Pepperpot story this weekend.  Enjoy!
Lexi has been extremely busy this week.  She wrote her Batman story, made fireworks in a jar and did some baking with her sister Mali.  Apparently they were fantastic for a first attempt!  Very chocolatey and gooey in the middle.  Delicious!  yes
Olivia has been paddling this week and dressing up at home.  She has been completing lots of work and like many of you enjoyed the science experiment that I set.
Harley has completed all his home learning tasks this week and achieved 9/10 in his spelling test!  He also enjoyed the fireworks in a jar experiment and met Jack to go paddling, socially distanced of course.  He has been busy making dens at home too.
Harry has been busy completing his home schooling and even managed to make a see-saw in his garden.  He also managed to have a cool off in his paddling pool!  Harry's 3 year old brother Ryan wanted to give some of the maths a go too, well done!  Look at his fireworks in a jar!
Harley has been working extremely hard this week and having a cool off in his paddling pool!  I don't blame you Harley, phew!  It has been a hot week surprise
Lexi has been completing activities at home and is particularly enjoying the reading comprehensions and using her VIPERS skills.  She has also been practising telling the time, making mud pies in the garden and going for walks with her family on Dovers Hill.

Home Learning - W/B - 22/06/20

Hi everyone!  Don't forget that this weeks activities can now be found under the gold star marked Y2.  Have a great week and keep in touch!

Ella has been busy recently.  She has been working hard on school tasks, gardening and getting 10/10 in her spelling test!
Well done Olivia for completing lots of work this week!  She has drawn Teddy made out of fruit too, I love him!
Harry has been busy once again completing school work, picking strawberries in his garden and making an awesome playdough cake!
Ernie and Edith have been working in the mornings so that they have time in the afternoons to do other activities.  As you can see, their chicks have really grown!  They have been to The Slaughters for some water play and they have made a banoffee pie for their Grandad's birthday, mmmmmm.  They have also made gooseberry and elderflower jam from the gooseberries growing in their allotment.  Right, I have made up my mind,  I'm going to move in with Edith and Ernie as their food always looks delicious! 

Home Learning - W/B - 15.06.20

Don't forget the activities for this week can now be found under the Y2 gold star on the class pages area.  If you haven't seen them yet, there are outdoor learning activities that you can complete if you would like to.  Find these under the Outdoor Learning gold star.  Don't forget to keep a look out for the videos of Marge in Charge that I will be sending you every weekend.  Enjoy!

Harry S has also had brilliant spelling test results this week and made his multiplication fortune teller.  He took some home grown fruit and veg to his Nanna, and made a wet area for the birds to bathe in.
Olivia has been working hard this week.  She has completed a food and exercise diary, designed a healthy living poster and had full marks in her spelling test!  
Harry S has completed lots of work so far this week.  He has also been watching the train go by on a bike ride, building dens, going for walks, baking and playing with his brother and sister.  Phew!  He has been busy yes
Edith and Ernie have been hatching chicks!  They have 10 so far with another 6 to go!


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Violet has been making some delicious cakes and helping to prepare a yummy roast dinner.  Well done Violet!
Cody has been extremely busy over the last few weeks!  As well as completing his schoolwork he has also been going for walks in the wood, watching the sunset on Dovers Hill, making his calm jar and riding his bike.  What a busy time!

Home Learning - W/B - 8/06/20

Hi everyone!  The activities for this week and for future weeks can now be found on the Y2 page under the gold star, above the class pages.  I will continue to upload your photos and videos onto our class JC2 page for you all to share with each other.  Have a great week!

Ella has been busy this week and particularly enjoyed the Book Scavenger Hunt activity.
Olivia also enjoyed the Book Scavenger Hunt Activity and has been busy finding out what the main food groups are as well as completing lots of other work.
As well as completing lots of work, Harry has been busy peeling vegetables and preparing a yummy roast dinner, including homemade Yorkshire puddings!  He has also made a super Lego house.
Harry has been busy completing work, climbing trees and watching Marge in Charge.
Harry S has been out for a few walks and has been following the progress of some falcons nesting on the top of St James' Church!
Edith and Ernie have been busy over the last couple of weeks.  Edith made her own sun hat on the sewing machine and made elderflower cordial and elderflower and lemon cake.  They have also been incubating eggs which are due to hatch very soon!  Ernie has been working hard in his allotment, keeping the bees busy and watching his vegetables start to pop up!
Harley has been busy growing plants, eating peas from their pods, enjoying his pool as well as completing his work.
Lexi has been for some countryside walks and even managed to meet Cody for a socially distanced get together!  She has also been working hard at home and wrote a great Lego story, where she tried to barbecue a Lego sausage!
Olivia has had a busy couple of weeks too!  She has completed lots of work, been paddling in a stream and rolling around on her rollerskates!  Maybe you could try out her healthy lunchbox.


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Harry has had a great time with his family making Calm Jars and he has completed lots of work too.  Well done Harry!

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Do you like our attempt at a TikTok? surprisewink
Cody has had a go at Tik Tok!  Go Cody!! wink


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Week 11 - W/B - 1.06.20

Hi everybody!  I hope you all enjoyed a work free half term and had the chance to enjoy the beautiful weather we have been having.  Below are the activities for this week of home learning.  There is a new topic all about Healthy Living if you would like to complete these.  Remember you don't have to complete every single activity I have included, but I have tried to cater for different abilities.  If you email me from now on I will aim to reply as quick as I can as I will be in school every day.  Have a great week and remember to look out for a new story video!!  yes

Week 10 - W/B 25.05.20 - Half Term

Hi everybody!  I hope you are all well and staying safe.  This week is half term, so........ there is no work!!  We want everyone to have a relaxing time with no worries about completing tasks.  Remember to look out for the next and final chapter of Mr Majeika, I will be emailing the link very soon.  Thank you to all of you who have been emailing me with your fantastic photos of work and what you have been up to.  I love seeing them, they all really make me smile smiley.  Take care everyone and enjoy your week!

Week 9 - W/B - 18.05.20

Hello everyone and welcome to Week 9 of Home Learning.  Week 9?  Can you believe it?!  Thank you once again for all your photos and videos you have sent me.  YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!  Keep checking everyone's photos so you can 'keep in touch' and see what everyone has been up to.  Don't forget you can log into Times Tables Rockstars any time you like and complete activities on there.  Stay safe!  yes

Week 8 - W/B - 11.05.20

Hello everyone!  Welcome to Week 8 of Home Learning.  The activities are listed below and I will be in touch soon about the next chapter of Mr Majeika.  I'm glad that you enjoyed that, I am aiming to read a chapter a week for you.  Well done to everyone, yet again I have been amazed by your creativity and I know all the parents are working so hard!  Don't forget to keep checking the photo and video section, keep scrolling down, as I'm adding new ones every day.  Keep safe everyone and continue with all your hard work!  yes smiley heart

Week 7 - W/B - 4.05.20

Hello everyone!  Welcome to Week 7 of Home Learning.  I'm glad to hear that many of you enjoyed Pyjamarama last Friday and I have enjoyed seeing photos of your completed activities and children reading, well done!  Keep sending your photos and keep up with the amazing work that you have all been doing.  I'm so proud of each and every one of you, you and your parents are doing a fantastic job!  Below are a list of activities for you to complete this week.  I'm working on A Drawing A Day at the moment, so will hopefully add it later, as I know lots of you enjoy doing it.  Take care wink  P.S. The Australian Fairytale is just a lovely story for you to read, you don't have to do anything with it!

Week 6 - W/B - 27.04.20

Hello everyone and welcome to Week 6 of Home Learning!  Thank you for all your emails and wonderful photos you have been sending me.  It's great to see what everyone has been up to.  Below you will find the activities for this week and there is a new topic web on Australia.  How is Australia different to the UK?  Have some fun finding out.  If you haven't already checked out the BBC Bitesize Home Learning site, then I strongly suggest you do, there are some great lessons on there set up for you to look at, including activities on what you have been learning on there.  Also, as I have said before, the White Rose Maths site is excellent too, just like having your own teacher at home!  If some of the Y2 lessons are too difficult, then click on the Y1 instead.  Keep checking the photos as I am receiving new ones all the time.  Have a great week! yes


This Friday, 1st May, is Pyjamarama!  This is a reading for pleasure venture from the Book Trust.  The idea is to spend the day in pyjamas, reading and taking part in reading activities, then finishing with a bedtime story.  Give it a go!  I have included some activities below.  Happy reading! wink

Week 5 - W/B - 20.04.20

Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a fantastic Easter and didn't eat too many chocolate eggs!  Here are the activities for week 5 of home learning.  There is also a new home learning page that has been introduced alongside the class pages.  You will find this just above the link for the class pages.  On here you will find many useful websites and links to help you at home, some of which can already be found on our class page.  Keep checking these and the photos, as I am adding more and more as I receive them.  Also launching this week BBC Bitesize are introducing weekly lesson plans for maths, English and foundation subjects.  Everything is there that you need on power points, well worth having a look at.  Remember you don't have to complete everything that we are giving you, choose what is best for you.  We just like to include as many activities and choices as we can. Looking forward to hearing from you all soon! yes

NEW - Please find below a letter informing you about learning phonics at home.  This is primarily for Reception and Y1 children.  However it is also useful for some Y2 children who need some extra practise with learning sounds, blending, spelling and reading.  The lessons start next Monday 27th April, the timings are included on the letter.

Weeks 3 and 4 - WB 6.04.20

Hello everyone!  We all survived week 2!  I hope everyone is staying well and managing to get out for some exercise.  Thank you for all your lovely photos, they are great!  Below this I have included some optional activities for the Easter period.  Please don't feel that these have to be completed, as all the teachers have set optional work.  You can do as little or as much as you like.  There is a set of Easter activities set by the North Cotswold Cluster of Heads and it mentions on the first sheet that you can send any photos to your Head.  Email your photos to me instead.  Keep checking the photos as I'm adding more all the time.  Happy Easter everyone!

Hello everyone.  I thought it might be a nice idea to share some of the pictures that I have been sent, so that you can all 'keep in touch' with each other and find out what you have all been doing.
Bertie has made this power point while he has been in school.  Well done Bertie!
Ella has been using her prediction skills to suggest what might happen in the next and final chapter of Mr Majeika.  Thank you Ella wink

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I think I have finally managed to get Ernie's video to work! yes  As with the other videos make sure you click on full screen to make sure you see it!  Thanks Ernie.
Cassius has been busy earning his Camping Badge for Beavers.  He did well didn't he? yes

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Cody has even managed to play his home-made didgeridoo!! Well done Cody! wink


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Edith and Ernie were so impressed with Captain Tom Moore and the amount of money he is raising that they decided to send him a birthday card.  They have also been baking and gardening over the Easter holidays as well as fitting in some Mathletics and reading.


Harley has also drawn a picture of Captain Tom Moore standing underneath a beautiful rainbow!

As you can see I have also been baking!  Well actually it was my 11 year old daughter, with a little bit of help from me!  This was yesterday, I think we've eaten a little bit too much! yes
Look at this delicious honeycomb cheesecake that Harry Smith has made!  Yummy!!
I'm loving Harry Smith's cake.  Doesn't it look delicious? yes
A fantastic picture of Queen Elizabeth I, drawn by Ella, well done!
Cassius has had new chickens, their names are Henrietta, Ruby, Betty and Winnie!  Also Edith has been baking cheese scones and Ernie made a fabulous robot from K-nex.  I'm trying to get the video to work on here at the moment! smiley  It was also Olivia's birthday last week, Happy Birthday from all of us Olivia!

31.03.20 Bertie's bug hotel - outside learning at school with Mrs Vaux!

Week 2 - W/B - 30.03.20

Hello everyone!  I hope you all survived Week 1 of home learning  I have loved seeing some of your pictures of your work and what you have been up to.  Remember to keep checking the list of useful websites, as I have added a few more as I have come across them.  Also, remember the topic web of Kings and Queens as this is an ongoing activity.  Good luck with week 2!    yes

Have a look at the first link on useful websites, White Rose Maths.  This is brilliant!  It contains power points with a voice guiding the children through how to do something, then gives them activities to complete.  A great resource!
Here's another Drawing a Day for Week 2.  I hear they are quite popular!

Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well at home.  I have added a link for White Rose Maths which include useful power points for you all to follow.  Click on the appropriate year group or if your child is finding some tasks difficult, click on the previous year group Y1.  I have also added some sketching ideas for the children if you want to complete them.  Don't worry if you haven't got the appropriate resources, just get drawing!! wink

Hello Everyone!!  Here are the activities set for the first week of Home Learning.  I have included a topic web but this doesn't have to be completed in the first week.  This is intended to last for the first 5-6 weeks.  Please feel free to email me with photos or completed tasks.  Happy Home Learning!!
I'd like to bring your attention to the Live PE sessions Joe Wicks is going to be holding every weekday morning at 9am on his YouTube channel (The Body Coach TV). This is free and the sessions will last for 30 minutes. Whilst the schools are closed, this would be a fantastic and exciting activity for your child/children to be involved in, something a little bit different as well. 
Week 1 - W/B - 23.03.20

Welcome to JC2

We are a class of 21 Y2 children taught by Mrs Loram and our teaching assistant is Mrs Hayden, who is 1:1. We are all looking forward to an exciting year!  Our first topic is 'Water' and we have already started to learn about the oceans of the world and the seas surrounding the UK.  Which is the warmest?  Which is the biggest?  Do you know the answer?  surprise


At the start of the year in JC2 we all make birthday cards for each other.  When it is someone's birthday, the children go to the 'Birthday Box' and choose a card from Class 2.  When everyone has finished their card, we will show them to you!  yes
Today we started to learn Edward Lear's 'The Owl and the Pussycat'.  We worked in groups and helped each other to memorise the first verse, using actions to help with this.  We then performed that verse in front of each other in groups.  The children were brilliant and they all put 100% effort into trying to remember the first verse.  Will they be able to remember the other verses?  wink
Today we celebrated Roald Dahl day, which happens every year on the 13th September as it is his birthday.  In preparation for this, since the beginning of term, JC2 have been reading 'George's Marvellous Medicine' and the children are loving it!  As we are reading we are collecting interesting vocabulary, discussing the meanings and writing them on our English working wall.  We have written up the words 'pondering', 'bulge', 'ferocious', 'fatigued' and the phrase '...she would smell a rat' and many more.  Hopefully the children will remember these words and try to use them in their own writing.  smiley
The topic for the whole school this half term is 'Water', so we decided that we would like to display some artwork based on the theme of waves.  Each class will create some waves and then the pictures will be displayed in the school hall.  We started ours today using our fingers as brushes!  We had a great time and the children acted responsibly as they worked by themselves, whilst listening to some calming ocean music.  A great time was had by all.  angel
JC2 have been working hard over the last few weeks to get ready to perform for parents.  We learnt a song for our harvest service in school, all about sewing the seeds of friendship and then we presented a class assembly on our Christian Value of Responsibility.  Well done to all the children for practicing their lines at home and showcasing their talents.  I am really proud of you all!!  heart
Last Tuesday was Conker Maths Day.  The children used conkers to learn about place value, grouping, counting in 2's, 5's and 10's and estimating.  Thank you to all those children and parents that brought in the conkers, there was some serious collecting going on the previous weekend!  We ended up counting over 1000 conkers!  yes

Our next key text we will be looking at is 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'.  We will be learning about prediction, sequencing and understanding texts among other things.  laugh



Our recent RE Week was a great success!  The children were learning about the key question of Who Do Christians believe made the World?  One of the activities involved us looking at the 'Big Frieze',which is a long piece of amazing artwork depicting stories from the Bible, Old Testament and New.  JC2 were looking at how Creation is depicted and how this appears at the start of the frieze, as it is from Creation that the other big stories are told.  In the pictures below the children are trying to see what they can spot in and around the artwork connected to the story of Creation.  yes
Thank you to all those children and parents who donated their pennies and small change to Pudsey in aid of Children In Need.  All classes went into the hall and laid their money around the edge to see how far they could reach.  Keep an eye out for the next newsletter where you can find out how much we raised for such an important and worthwhile charity. heart
We had a brilliant Science Day on Thursday and the Y2 children joined us from Ebrington too.  The whole school were focusing on 'Light' for the day and we looked at light sources, how shadows are made and we even had our own bear caves which we investigated.  If you want to know more about this you'll have to ask the children!  wink
This week the children from JC2 and JC1 visited St James' church together to see the wonderful assortment of Christmas trees and displays, together with our very own entry.  This year the theme was 'Stars' and we saw some excellent creative ideas based on this theme.  The children thoroughly enjoyed their time at the church and their behaviour was praised as well.  We all voted for our favourite displays and enjoyed a cup of squash and the odd biscuit!  Thank you to those parents that helped walk us to the church and for the wonderful warm welcome we all received from the church members.  smiley
This term we have been learning about The Great Fire of London.  The children made collages to show how the wooden houses were built too close to one another which aided the spread of the fire, together with strong winds.  Some of our collages will be displayed in the KS2 corridor so that the older children can see our work. cool
Today the children enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch!  We made party hats in class and we all pulled our crackers before we started to eat.  Thank you to our amazing PTFA for helping to serve the children and of course the ladies in the kitchen Corinne, Zoe and Emma for cooking it all. wink
St James' had a very special visitor today during our Christmas parties!  It was very exciting and we listened out to hear whether we could hear any jingling of bells.  The children were all very polite as they accepted their gifts from Santa and JC2 sang him a song as he left the classroom.  A couple of the children even gave him their Christmas lists, just to make sure he knew what they wanted for Christmas! laugh
Today saw the start of our 10 week sessions of Whole Class Tuition with the wonderful Mr Fitton-Perkins!  He was a familiar face to some of the children, as he taught us the violin last year.  This time we have opted to learn the ukelele, and the Y2 children from Ebrington will also be joining us for these sessions.  We got off to a good start today and even played a tune on the A and G strings.  The children absolutely love these sessions and in the past they have inspired some of them to continue learning the instrument they played to a higher level.  Who knows? Maybe we will have some budding George Formbys amongst us!  If you don't know who he is that means I'm getting too old! surprise

Today was Health and Wellbeing Day at school and we looked at the importance of sleep.  We watched Rod, who had not had much sleep because he was playing video games until after midnight!  He discovered that this was affecting his memory and he was feeling 'out of sorts'.  He couldn't remember what was on our memory tray!  We learnt that when we sleep our brains sort through everything we have seen, heard and thought about during the day,it is tidying.  A little bit like when we tidy our bedrooms!  We also learnt about the good and bad things we can do before we go to bed to help us have a good nights sleep wink

We have recently started our VIPERS reading in the afternoons, which really helps with our comprehension of what we are reading.  VIPERS stands for vocabulary, inference, prediction, explaining, retrieving and sequencing, all crucial skills that we need when we are reading in order to fully understand the text.  We have started by reading Anthony Browne's The Tunnel, a couple of pages at at time every day, focusing on the VIPERS strands whilst reading.  The children are really enjoying it and are looking at texts in a completely different way now.  yes
Thursday 5th March was World Book Day and JC2 had a great time dressing up as our favourite book characters.  Our class text for the day was 'Room on the Broom' by Julia Donaldson.  We looked at the rhyming language, onomatopoeia, alliteration and we designed our own brooms with help from the text.  The teachers also shared their favourite childhood stories and mine was the Ladybird book version of 'The Elves and the Shoemaker'.  I particularly remember how fascinated I was by the illustrations and I still remember them to this day!  It just goes to show how books can have an impact on our lives heart

Just a quick reminder about the homework system in JC2 this year.  Homework is issued on Thursday and returned on the following Wednesday.  However, if you wish to return it before Wednesday then that is absolutely fine.  The children will receive Maths and English homework every week.  All children are expected to read every night and learn spellings, issued on Monday for a test on Friday.  Happy homeworking!!   no

Show and Tell will be every Friday afternoon and each group will take it in turns.  Your child will be able to tell you when it is their turn for a certain week, however I have sent home a timetable just in case they forget! Show and Tell is designed for the children to practise their speaking and listening skills, whilst at the same time boosting their confidence to be able to talk in front of a group of familiar faces.  The children do not have to show something every time, it may just be that they have something exciting or interesting that they want to share with the class.  frown

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