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Hello JC5,


It has been an absolute delight to have so many of you back to school. I, like yourself, am really looking forward to a restful weekend (shame about the thunder). 



'POP ART CLASS' have been enjoying two very, very catchy songs


Miss Sim

Hello JC5,


It's wonderful to hear that so many of you will be back in school from tomorrow :) 

The sun is set to be shining all week!


Miss Sim

Hello Home Learners,


The home learning documents can now be found by clicking 'children, class pages, yellow star Year 5.


This week, you will need to complete your balanced argument. This is the only English task and with this in mind, I would love you to be getting your head stuck into a good book (but not literally!)


In Maths, you will be converting between different units of measure. These 'real life' scenarios will require you to apply your knowledge of multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.


For Topic, you can either complete your Science project or take on a Geography challenge. If you want more hints and tips with digimaps, feel free to email me. smiley


Thank you to those of you that have expressed an interest in coming back to school before the end of term. I understand lots of you may feel anxious, but please know that the school is incredibly safe and all the children that we have in so far have adapted really well to the new routines. laugh


Missing you all,

Miss Sim



I have been so impressed by your mountain work and I wanted to let you into a fantastic geographical secret!


Digimaps was established in 2010 by EDINA (Edinburgh University), in collaboration with Ordnance Survey, the service is exclusively designed for schools.


Map Collections

The service provides easy access to a range of current and historical maps and aerial photography, all of which can be annotated, searched, measured and personalised.

Ordnance Survey: Includes the most detailed mapping available for Great Britain, OS MasterMap, as well as digital versions of paper maps, the Landranger and Explorerseries, and street level maps showing street names and road-atlas style maps.


Historical maps of the 1890s and 1950’s are provided courtesy of the National Library of Scotland, with a special function that enables the viewer to transit from historic to current, encouraging pupils to relate the past to the contemporary.


Contemporary aerial photography is provided by Getmapping, assisting pupils to progress from recognising images of places, to understanding and interpreting conventional mapping schemes. Access to the Geograph image library, allows pupils to select from half a million images to personalise and develop narratives about places.


Functions & Tools

Search tools include postcode, place name or national grid reference and maps can be moved to centre on any chosen location. Map keys are available for each scale map to explain the symbols used within the map. The pupil can interpret their map using drawing and measuring tools, and overlay postcodes, place names and meridians.

Maps can be printed as PDF files at A3 or A4 size and in landscape or portrait orientation and can include user defined customisations.




Username: GL556DB

Password: moaxed2530



My mapping adventure!

My mapping adventure! 1 The search tool to find a well known mountain
My mapping adventure! 2 Looking at the contour lines and the key
My mapping adventure! 3 Finding photographs
My mapping adventure! 4 Comparing maps from history

Hello JC5,


Thank you so much for kicking off this term with such enthusiasm! It has been a joy to read your persuasive letters - some were very moving. Our value this term is 'friendship', now I have no doubt that this period of time has been difficult for you, but it has been brilliant to hear how some of you are keeping in touch with your friends. 


The icons above can be clicked on. They will take you to a selection of useful Year 5 websites. I WILL UPLOAD THE LINKS TOMORROW!





Hello JC5,


It feels rather strange to say welcome to term 6, your final term in Year 5! I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of all your efforts to home learn. Although I haven't seen you in school, your Christian values of responsibility, courage and kindness have shone throughout this whole period. 


I will be in school more regularly because of the new government advice. With this in mind, I may not reply to your emails as speedily as you would like - please be patient! Do not feel overwhelmed if the work feels too much. Remember to take a deep breath and pace yourselves. There are a good balance of Maths and English to complement your Science topic for over the next three weeks. 


Best of luck for the term ahead and keep me up to date with how you are doing!

Miss Sim


P.S. Is anyone suffering with hay fever, like me?!

Maddi's sewing achievements

Still image for this video
Maddi has always had a passion for sewing and has used her time in lockdown to develop her skills. She has always loved fashion. A few weeks ago, Maddi made her own leggings. Today she has made shorts! Maddi has also been making masks and this week and has been asked by the John Radcliffe hospital to make some juggling balls for them to fill and close.

Happy Half Term Home Learners!


Thank you so much for your INCREDIBLE effort over the past 7 weeks. You have ALL risen to the home learning challenge and produced work to a really high standard. For so many of you, your creative writing has really flourished. I look forward to setting you new challenges after half term!


We now only have position and direction of shape, converting units of measure and properties of shape to cover in maths.  laugh


Our topics over half term will involve you getting out and about to explore life cycles.


Below is a completely OPTIONAL half term task- to design your own den/ fort. The lovely people at Ikea came up with this!


So please remember to stay safe, look after yourselves and have a well earned break.




Miss Sim and Magnus (the dog!)



Hello JC5,


It feels incredibly strange to be telling you that we are in week 7 of home schooling. Despite this, I hope you are still rising to the challenge and putting in a super heroic effort at home laugh. I was lucky enough to look at a whole home learning book last week and was absolutely blown away by the fantastic work that had been produced - I am so looking forward to the day you can come into school and show off everything you have achieved.


Whilst I was in school, I walked into JC5 and was overcome with sadness. You see, school isn't school without the children. As a teacher, it is an absolute privilege to share my enthusiasm for learning with you all- I'm even missing Tia's 'I've got a glue stick!' shriek across our classroom! cheeky


I realise that although some of you are loving working in PJs all day, others of you are struggling. Please know that you are not alone and you are more than welcome to contact me and let me know how you are feeling. It is important in these times to think about self-care. Self-care is all about being kind to yourself, this may include: running yourself a lovely bubble bath (the bubblier the better!), getting out in nature and appreciating the outside world, treating yourself to a hot chocolate and making a gratitude journal to record three things you are grateful for each day. Today I put in these three.

1. Living with the hills on my doorstep

2. Being part of a caring and friendly school 

3. Marshmallows.... it's the little things!


Stay safe my home learning super heroes!

Miss Sim



Check out Issy's mountain experiment


Picture 1

Bea's character is 'still standing'!

Still image for this video


Picture 1

Hello JC5,


How are you all doing? I found myself organising the other day and came across your letters you wrote to yourselves back in July last year. I cannot wait to share them with you as soon as we can all be together.


It has been lovely to see how some of you spent VE Day. Although the streets were lined with people 75 years ago, the sacrifice and courage taken to fight are never forgotten. My grandma was just 6 years old when VE Day was celebrated. We had a wonderful phone call last week and she recalled the feelings of joy and love that were shared by her family and neighbours. If you enjoyed the day, you may want to look into the topic a bit more (look for the link).


Our decimals topic is nearly finished. You'll find clips to help you with the learning and an end of block assessment. After this, we only have shape and measure to go - you superstars! You can always brush up on your maths knowledge with mathletics. 


On Saturday, Mrs Bowles did something incredibly brave! She had her hair shaved into a mohican (and dyed pink!) to raise money for the Sue Ryder charity. At the time of writing to you, she has raised nearly £2000! Small ideas can make a difference, remember that you can all make a difference in this period of time. Whether it's calling a friend, helping around the house or looking after loved ones - you are all home learning super heroes. :) 


If your parents would like to donate, the link is below.


Stay safe,

Miss Sim

Amber (and family) present a Geographical edition of Newsround!

Still image for this video

Imogen's Egg Drop Challenge

Still image for this video
An egg-cellent attempt!

You've done egg-actly what I've asked you to do!

Still image for this video
That's no yoke :)


Picture 1

May the fourth be with you! (Ask your parents if you don't know what I'm talking about)


Hello JC5,


I have to say it's the highlight of my day when I am sent along pictures and messages about how you are all getting on. However, I am aware that for some of you, you may not have spoken to your friends in a long time. Sammy seems convinced he can't remember any of you frown but I think he's just being dramatic! With this in mind, you may want to ask your parents/ carers if there is any way for you to talk safely with your friends. Some of you may have an email account and others may be use certain FaceTiming sites to catch up with your friends. Make sure to ask parental permission before doing so.


This week we are coming to the end of adding and subtracting decimals, engaging more with 'Broken' and celebrating VE Day. Please use my suggested timetable as a guide to take you through the week. It would be lovely to hear what you are reading.


P.S. I am VERY VERY impressed by all the scores on TTRockstars (you can invite your classmates to compete against you) and the seriously impressive Mathletics results.


Miss Sim



Hello JC5!


This Friday - May 1st - is Pyjamarama day! We were going to be taking part in lots of reading for pleasure activities and wearing our pyjamas to school. Although we are learning at home, there is no reason why we should miss out on the excuse to wear our pjs for the day! Take a look at the activities under the  Pyjamarama section of this weeks work. Please send pics of yourself completing the activities or of yourself reading in your pjs for us to add to our wow work gallery :)


Below is an internal link to the St James' and Ebrington whole school home learning page. On here you will find a variety of links to websites from ICT to FRENCH! At the top of the page, you will see recommendations from the staff. If you are struggling and need some cheer, I'd urge you to click on 'The Book of Hopes'. This gorgeous e-book contains stories from 100 authors to bring a smile to your faces.


Hello JC5,


We're in the Summer Term! I hope you all had a well deserved break over Easter (perhaps with a few chocolate eggs?!)

The weather has been glorious and certainly made outdoor learning fun and entertaining. I go to school roughly once a week to support the children of key workers- Sammy is doing really well and spending his mornings doing the home learning you have been set. In the afternoon, we take the opportunity to enjoy the outside space our school has to offer. Although, the site does feel rather empty without your familiar faces :( 


For some of you, home learning is great and you're managing to get on with your studies (and sometimes teach your parents a thing or two). For others, I know it has seemed hard to motivate yourself. All I would ask is that you try your best and remember that we are all in this together. I find exercise is a great way to help me to feel ready for the day ahead of me- even when Joe Wicks plays heads or tails on his workouts! 


As a history lover (the start of a good kenning!), I find it fascinating to think that we are living through such an unusual time. Your diaries, drawings and work are all primary sources that may one day be studied by future generations!


Stay safe and look after yourselves,

Miss Sim



Message from Miss Sim

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North Cotswolds Optional Easter Activities

Easter Optional Challenges


Congratulations home schoolers - we made it to Easter! 


Easter is a time to relax and spend time with our families. Take the opportunity to catch up on sleep, immerse yourself in a new book and try your hand at cooking!


Here are some ideas to inspire you over the Easter break;


Letters from Lockdown

Put pen to paper and write a letter to your classmate! You could make it formal or informal, include some drawings and share what you have been up to.



Target time! After Easter, we will be completing our decimal topic, looking at the properties of shape, converting between different units of measure and calculating volume. In preparation for this, I would like you to try as many different topics on your Mathletics home page. I am keeping track of who is putting in maximum effort!



It’s amazing to see so many of you using this website! Keep practising your 6, 7 and 8 timestables. The aim is to answer questions in under 6 seconds.


The more you read, the more you'll know, the more you'll learn, the more places you'll GO!

Keep reading! I'd love to know the kinds of books you're getting your teeth into! I ordered the Malory Towers series (all 12 books should keep me busy!).

If parents email me, I can send you a link to EPIC. This website allows you to read a wide selection of e-books online.

You can also access audible and enjoy a great listening adventure.


Explore the great indoors

The Scouts have plenty of activities for you to be getting on with at home- how about making a catapult?

Happy Friday! Below are two fantastic links to help you with your fluency tasks;


This link explains what happens when we multiply by 10,100 and 1000. You will have used this method when converting measurements.


This link explains what a main clause is. It also reminds you of subordinate and relative clauses. You may want to make some helpful posters to remind yourself of the differences



I hope you all enjoyed PE with Joe this morning! I even think I heard a shout out for Brewster?!


Missing you all

Miss Sim



WOW WORK WEDNESDAY! A selection of brilliant creations from JC5 over the past week


I have set up a log in for each of you to access Times Tables Rock Stars which is a fantastic and fun website to help you with those massively important times tables.  You will however need to email me to get your login!

Here's the link:


I'm also keeping track of who is/ isn't going onto mathletics! 

Email me to get your login!

Here's the link:


End of Week Answers

Day 4.... Another day of sun!


For those of you looking for TV series to enjoy, I would recommend 'Malory Towers' on player.... I may have already watched 10 episodes!

Day 3..... Wow work alert! PS remember to send along your Greek Myth independent writes once completed.

Day 2...... Great resource alerts!


Whiterose Maths have some excellent videos to aid your understanding of fractions and decimals. Click on the link below and see if you can answer the questions!


EPIC is a website with thousands of free e-books. I have signed up our class. Please ask your parents to email and I can give you a code to access our class page.



Day 1..... Complete! Well done, JC5! It is wonderful to see so many of you sending over work you are proud of.


A gentle reminder:

multiply by 10 = 1 jump left                      divide by 10= 1 jump right         

multiply by 100= 2 jumps left                   divide by 100= 2 jumps right

multiply by 1000= 3 jumps left                divide by 1000= 3 jumps right


Remember, the decimal point does not move.


234.5 x 10 = 2345



Can you handle the extra challenge?


Use your knowledge of fractions of amounts to help you!



Good evening everyone, as I said earlier today, the packs you were sent home have been filled with fun fluency-style challenges to keep your brains ticking! I have attached most of the contents in the post below for those of you already in self-isolation.


I will be uploading activities for the week beginning 23/3/2020 on Sunday.

The expectation is that you will complete;

SPAG and Maths Fluency exercises (Monday- Friday)

English- An independent write based around EITHER retelling a Greek Myth or creating your own Greek Myth. I have added a link to your 'Hello JC5' document.

1 maths sheet- This will be related to our fractions, decimals and percentages unit.

Topic- A selection of fun activities relating to the Ancient Greek period.


Below are some excellent links to aid your learning;


Whiterose Maths- You should all be familiar with our 'solve it, solve it 2, deepen it and deepen it 2' structure. 

This link takes you to our scheme of learning. Click 'Year 5'. We have covered all the autumn and spring units.


Literacy Shed- Want to be a fantastic writer? Literacy Shed is full of amazing online videos to inspire you! Below is a link for the 'Myths and Legends' Shed. You could use one of their videos to help with your Greek Myth. The DADWAVERS structure will really help!


BBC Bitesize- For everything! Here is a link for Science. There are lots of great quizzes to try.


Classroom Secrets- Another great resource to improve your SPAG and fluency


French- Access duolingo for a fun opportunity to practise your French from the comfort of your sofa!

Bon chance!


PE- Joe Wickes (the one with the squeaky voice) will be offering PE lessons via his YouTube channel every Monday-  Friday 9am


JC5 also know about 'Fitness Friday'


Cosmic Yoga- A lovely way to stretch and be calm whilst listening to a story!


Topic- Fancy a tour? Follow these links for access to museums, from your very own computer!


Please see 3 methods for multiplying fractions

Solve it 1- Repeated addition

Solve it 2- Converting to improper fractions before multiplying


Alternatively, you can multiply the whole numbers first. Just remember to simplify your final answer


Solve it 3

Doing the wholes first


2 2/3 x 4

2 x 4= 8    Multiply the wholes

  2/3x 4=     8/3

8/3= 2  2/3    Simplify the improper fraction

8 + 2 = 10 2/3   Add the wholes and fractions together

Term 4- Forgiveness


Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you – Ephesians 4.32


Welcome to term 4! This term, JC5 will be looking at Jesus and considering his role as a Messiah. Already, the children have recapped their knowledge of the 'big frieze' and started to discuss the meaning of incarnation alongside other significant bible stories. 


In Maths we will be continuing our fractions work and we hope to move on to decimals and percentages before the Easter break. As always, I would encourage you to practise your speed maths knowledge using mathletics and daily 10.


In English we will be uncovering the past with a hilarious  text about the Greek gods coming to earth.


With this in mind, I would greatly appreciate any Ancient Greek books or artefacts you may have lying around the house- just not a Trojan horse!


Mrs Greenslade has started her forces unit- I cannot wait to see what the class discover.


Dates for the diary:

World Book Day- Thursday 5th March- please come dressed as your favourite character and bring some fantastic books that you would like to share with the class.

JC5 Class Assembly- Wednesday 11th March

Greek Day- TBC!

Cake Sale Success!


Congratulations JC5, your smashing cake sale made £110 to help the Australian Bush Fire Crisis! Thank you so much to the parents, grandparents  and children that bought and  donated cakes (they were delicious)! 




Term 3- Courage


JC5 have made an excellent start to the term by completing their RE week entitled; 'How does faith help people when times are hard?' We have considered what is meant by faith and how it can give you courage even when all may seem lost.


In Maths, we are completing our multiplication and division topic and paying extra attention to multiplying up to 4 digits by 2 digits. 


In English, we will be exploring the new topic 'space' through an excellent text! 



Let's get political!


JC5 spent the afternoon creating political manifestos in preparation for the upcoming election. We discussed the right to vote, who can vote and why it is important to have your voice heard.


After some excellent (and memorable) speeches, our secret ballot revealed Sammy would be prime minister for the class. His charismatic performance to encourage a plastic-free future won over the class.


Congratulations to all involved... perhaps some of you will be taking on Question Time in the near future!

Term 2- Compassion

They will neither hunger nor thirst, nor will the desert heat or the sun beat down on them. He who has compassion on them will guide them and lead them beside springs of water.

Isiah 49:10


Welcome to term 2!

JC5 have been considering our new value 'compassion' as part of RE week. The children looked at 'the big frieze' and shared bible stories to support thoughts about God being loving and holy. We were fortunate enough to visit the church and enjoyed an excellent opportunity to experience the architecture and meaning behind places of worship. 

Thank you!


We are making good progress in Mathematics and have been looking at number relationships to help our factor and multiple knowledge. Division and multiplication practise on daily 10 and mathletics will really improve fluency!


Challenge question..... Do bigger numbers have more factors? Prove your answer.


In History and English we are uncovering spectacular land of ancient Egypt. We will be creating an information text in English and discovering Tutankhamun's tomb. 

Fun fact! Tutankhamun became pharoh at just 9 years old! 



Fluency fun and Christmas card creations!

Fluency fun and Christmas card creations! 1 Using mathletics
Fluency fun and Christmas card creations! 2 Drawing in the zentangle style
Fluency fun and Christmas card creations! 3 Creating roman numerals
Fluency fun and Christmas card creations! 4 Using place value skills to help with rounding

Happy Harvest!


A huge congratulations to all of JC5 for all your hard work in the Harvest Worship.


Thank you for your thoughtful harvest donations. 

Dahlicious creations in JC5!

Dahlicious creations in JC5! 1 Sketching in the style of Quentin Blake.
Dahlicious creations in JC5! 2 Working together on an exciting project.

Welcome to JC5!


A new year, a new teacher, a new start!



Miss Sim hopes you all had a fantastic Summer filled with fun, sun and rest! Your classroom is ready and waiting for your exciting work to cover the walls. 


Our topic for terms 1 and 2 is Egypt. Any artefacts, books or photographs would be greatly appreciated for our display.


A gentle reminder that children should be reading age appropriate texts at home at least four times a week to an adult or independently. Parents should initial all reading activities in Homework diaries. Remember, four reads a week= one house point!


Please remember to bring your PE kit every Monday. 

We have swimming every Wednesday.


We welcome parent volunteers and helpers; extra pairs of hands are always useful!  We are always grateful for the help and support we receive from all our parents, carers and families throughout the year.  Please do not hesitate to pop in and talk to us if you would like to come and help in school.




Y5/6 Statutory Spelling List

Y3/4 Statutory Spelling List

A reminder that children should be reading at home at least four times a week to an adult or independently.  Parents should initial all reading activities in Homework Diaries.  Many thanks.
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