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It's been a great couple of days back in school Y6, however, if you're staying at home the home learning will continue but it has changed location. To access your home learning for 8th June and all future weeks please follow these instruction:

Click class pages

Then click the Y6 gold star icon

Your home learning will be there.


Thank you and stay safe!


Mr Daldry

School Games Photography competition!

Excellent work on Eric's Day Out by AR. Though, don't you think Eric went to watch the wrong football team?

Home Learning - week 8


I hope you all had a good half term in the lovely sunshine, below is your home learning for the week if you are not coming back to school this half term. Mr. Daldry

Happy Half Term!


No home learning this week year 6. However, home learning will continue Sunday 31st May as usual.

Mr Daldry

Eliza hard at work!

Eliza hard at work! 1
Eliza hard at work! 2
Eliza hard at work! 3
Eliza hard at work! 4
Eliza hard at work! 5
Eliza hard at work! 6
Eliza hard at work! 7
Eliza hard at work! 8
Eliza hard at work! 9
Eliza hard at work! 10
Eliza hard at work! 11
Eliza hard at work! 12
Eliza hard at work! 13
Eliza hard at work! 14

Great to see AR out and about on his bikes on a week that would've been PGl.

Great to see AR out and about on his bikes on a week that would've been PGl. 1
Great to see AR out and about on his bikes on a week that would've been PGl. 2
Great to see AR out and about on his bikes on a week that would've been PGl. 3

Young Voices Fun!


Young Voices UK and Young Voices USA have teamed up to arrange a  virtual concert on 2nd June for children and their families to sing along to the song 'The Power in Me'. 


They are running online rehearsals and anyone can join in. Individual families need to sign up here to be able to access the rehearsal materials:

There's also an introductory video on that page explaining what it's all about and how it will work. 




Mr Daldry



Fourth installement of the music workshop with Mr Evans

Link below


Video 4 -



Hello Year 6


This is Mr Daldry here, I'm really excited to be your new teacher until the summer holidays. Below is your home learning for week 7, I've done my best to keep the work in the same format that Mrs Vaux was using but any problems just email the class email: .

Hopefully you all received an email with the video reading link that goes live Monday 8am, if you've not then please email me ASAP and I'll send you the link.

Please continue to send in pictures of your work and interesting lockdown activities you may be up to, I'd love to see them. I've had a flick through the home learning page and really enjoyed seeing you all, especially A.R scoring goals, plus his V.E Day activities and O.H with those very cute chicks wink.


Mr Daldry 

Week 6 photos

Week 6 photos 1
Week 6 photos 2
Week 6 photos 3
Week 6 photos 4
Week 6 photos 5
Week 6 photos 6
Week 6 photos 7
Week 6 photos 8
Week 6 photos 9
Week 6 photos 10
Week 6 photos 11
Week 6 photos 12
Week 6 photos 13
Week 6 photos 14
Week 6 photos 15
Week 6 photos 16
Week 6 photos 17
Week 6 photos 18
Week 6 photos 19
Week 6 photos 20
Week 6 photos 21
Week 6 photos 22
Week 6 photos 23
Week 6 photos 24
Week 6 photos 25
Week 6 photos 26

Hello Year 6,


I hope you've had a good week and managed to safely enjoy the VE Day celebrations in the glorious sunshine.


Well, this week would have been SATs week and I'm sure we would have all been well-prepared and ready to calmly take on the week with confidence and anticipation. As it is, I have added another a set of SATs practise papers if you fancy a go. smiley


Please don't worry if you feel you are not doing enough work or making enough progress.  Teaching is a super-power (!) and once you are able to be back in a classroom, you teachers will make sure you catch up and are confident and ready to take your next steps in your learning.


This week, there are the usual activities including a choice of easier/harder maths and English, White Rose maths, a Victorian Inventions lap book to makes and some more 'kindness' activities.


Also this week, I have been contacted by Chipping Campden School and the English team are keen to make a start on introducing you to Year 7.  Miss Morris has sent me a 'Lockdown Reading Challenge' for you all to have a go at.  This is not necessarily intended to be done this week, but through the course of the summer and over the holidays, with prizes awarded in September.


All that is left for me to say is, that this is my last week at St. James' and Ebrington and I just wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed teaching and working with you all.  Being a teacher is a real privilege and over the past eleven years, I have worked with lots of amazing families and colleagues - thank you all for being you!  Year 6, I wish you the very best of luck when you move on to secondary school - make the most of every opportunity and always be the best version of vou.


Take care and stay safe.


With love and best wishes,


Mrs Vaux

Week 5 photos

Week 5 photos 1
Week 5 photos 2
Week 5 photos 3
Week 5 photos 4
Week 5 photos 5
Week 5 photos 6
Week 5 photos 7
Week 5 photos 8
Week 5 photos 9
Week 5 photos 10
Week 5 photos 11
Week 5 photos 12
Week 5 photos 13
Week 5 photos 14
Week 5 photos 15
Week 5 photos 16
Week 5 photos 17
Week 5 photos 18
Week 5 photos 19
Week 5 photos 20
Week 5 photos 21
Week 5 photos 22
Week 5 photos 23
Week 5 photos 24
Week 5 photos 25
Week 5 photos 26
Week 5 photos 27
Week 5 photos 28
Week 5 photos 29
Week 5 photos 30
Week 5 photos 31

More useful websites!

(Through this resource, you’ll meet six characters as they use their first aid skills to help others. You can watch films and take part in activities to learn and practise first aid skills.)

(A lovely website with lots of quick, engaging activities to get young people thinking about animal welfare.)

(Colouring Together for the NHS - a Pied Piper competition!  Please support the Gloucestershire based Pied Piper children’s charity through this country wide colouring competition.  This charity is a huge supporter of our schools and the children’s wards in our hospitals - a great cause.)
(This is a brilliant website if you are interested in all things weather related, including forecasting and predicting, extreme weather, technology and innovation.)

(This link will take you to music lessons produced by Gloucestershire Music.)

The link for your second video with Ian Evans is here:

(This website has great new resources including 'Learn to Love Nature' and 'Explore our Amazing Planet' activities.)

(This is an exciting new resource and competition for KS2, designed to help raise career aspirations, challenge stereotyping and put learning into context for the future.)

(Some great  ideas for learning about this important day in history which we are remembering on Friday 8th May.)

(This is a great resource for learning all about money! The Parent Toolkit is designed to give you access to a range of Young Enterprise and Young Money resources suitable for use with children and young people as part of their home-learning.

(A great app designed by CBBC to help young people to make smart choices, feel more confident and get advice when using devices.  The advert is being shown regularly across the BBC at the moment and with secondary school looming and many Y6s likely to get their first mobile phone, it's well worth a look.  Please note: under-13s need to get parent/guardian permission before downloading this app.)

(Free downloadable SATs papers from previous years along with mark schemes)

(BBC Bitesize are launching daily lessons from Monday 20.04.20)

(Also, take a look at Newsround to keep up with all the latest news from around the world.)

(Some great science ideas!)

(Some lovely activities including craft ideas, quizzes and more all about wildlife.)

From WWF: Each week, we'll be providing five engaging ways for you to connect with nature and learn more about our amazing planet. Our themed weeks will include live learning events via our dedicated Facebook group, an opportunity to participate in fun and insightful webinars with WWF experts, and links to our popular educational materials. And in case you miss any of these live events, you can revisit previous week's themes to access content as and when you need to.



Useful websites:

(You have to register for free on this website but it has some great ideas and activities for you to have a go at.)

(Great livecams of animals from all over the world - brilliant!)!/

(This website has a Home Learning Hub page with a timetable uploaded daily.  It includes Joe Wicks PE lesson activities, a 'Newsroom Daily Bulletin'  to listen to (along with investigative activities), break time activities, arts and crafts live lessons and more.)

(Some great science experiments and fun activities here)

(This website covers all year groups - take a look at lower year groups as well as the Y6 resources.  They all have some great activities on them!)

(This website has a blank calendar, suggested activities for 7-11 year olds and a blank activity book which you can download.)



Please find below the Y5/6 andY3/4 statutory spelling lists.

End of Key Stage 2 SATs include a Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar test.  Pupils will be tested on a random selection of words from across the Key Stage lists including  derivations of words.  For example, pupils may be asked to spell: embarrass/embarrassment, persuade/persuasively, persuasion, occupy/occupation, etc.

Please help your children to learn these spellings by helping them with their weekly spelling tests, using words in sentences and understanding definitions of words.  Many thanks.


A friendly reminder that children should be reading at home at least four times a week to an adult or independently.  Parents should initial all reading activities in Homework Diaries which will be checked in class on Friday mornings and a house-point awarded to children who have noted reading at home four times.

 Many thanks.

Additional VE Day resources - thank you so much to Mrs Rawlings for putting together the printable pdf of photos and captions of VE Day 1945 from the IWM archives

Hello Y6,

I hope you've all had a good week - did any of you spend the day in pyjamas last Friday?  If you did, I'd love to see some photos!


This week I have uploaded the usual choice of easier, harder or White Rose maths resources for you to choose from.  It doesn't matter which set you choose to do - they are all designed to be covering summer (1) objectives so even if the tasks are different, it is all great learning!

I have also added some optional SATs tests if any of you fancy having a go at those and a booklet on revising telling the time, again optional.


For English, I have again uploaded the usual choice of easier or harder resources to choose from as well as a couple of optional comprehensions, a writing task and a great book which talks about home learning from a child's perspective.  You should also be able to access a Youtube video of me reading a poem from 8am on Monday 4th May (email was sent with password last Friday).


As well as the usual topic task, a drawing a day, science experiment and outdoor learning ideas, I have added a St. John Ambulance Kindness Calendar for May,  some Trinity House resources (all about lighthouses) and a 'Mind Travels' competition poster.  If you are keen to enter the competition, email me your entries and I will forward them for you.


Extra websites include the WWF Learn to Love Nature ideas, a 'Step into the NHS' competition and a history website which has some great ideas for learning all about VE Day which the whole country will be celebrating (socially distantly!) this Friday.


Once again, I have received some amazing photographs of all your hard work this week - keep them coming, I love to see what you are all up to - there is some fabulous learning going on, keep it up - you are doing a brilliant job!


Keep safe and well everybody and have a great week.


Best wishes,


Mrs Vaux

Week 4 photos

Week 4 photos 1
Week 4 photos 2
Week 4 photos 3
Week 4 photos 4
Week 4 photos 5
Week 4 photos 6
Week 4 photos 7
Week 4 photos 8
Week 4 photos 9
Week 4 photos 10
Week 4 photos 11
Week 4 photos 12
Week 4 photos 13
Week 4 photos 14
Week 4 photos 15
Week 4 photos 16
Week 4 photos 17
Week 4 photos 18
Week 4 photos 19
Week 4 photos 20
Week 4 photos 21
Week 4 photos 22
Week 4 photos 23
Week 4 photos 24
Week 4 photos 25
Week 4 photos 26
Week 4 photos 27
Week 4 photos 28
Week 4 photos 29
Week 4 photos 30
Week 4 photos 31
Week 4 photos 32
Week 4 photos 33
Week 4 photos 34
Week 4 photos 35
Week 4 photos 36
Week 4 photos 37
Week 4 photos 38
Week 4 photos 39
Week 4 photos 40
Week 4 photos 41
Week 4 photos 42
Week 4 photos 43
Week 4 photos 44
Week 4 photos 45
Week 4 photos 46
Week 4 photos 47
Week 4 photos 48

Home Learning-Week 5

Notes and photos for us all!

Notes and photos for us all! 1
Notes and photos for us all! 2
Notes and photos for us all! 3

Hello again Year 6,


Please note some additions to this week's activities.


I have received mixed feedback about the White Rose resources so have decided to continue with the 'easier' and 'harder' blocks of maths and English as alternative choices for you .  Please do not do both (unless you really want to!), you are all working really hard already; just choose which resources you prefer or find more interesting.  There are also a couple of extra comprehension tasks and an extra writing task to do if you fancy those too.  They are all based on what you should be learning at this time of year if you were at school, so whichever you do, will be absolutely fine.


I hope that makes sense, please feel free to email at if you have any queries.

Also, keep sending me photographs of work (or any fun things you've been up to) for me to add to our weekly gallery of images. 


I don't know about you but I'm not liking this change in the weather!


Best wishes,


Mrs Vaux

Hello Year 6,


I hope you've all had a good week and are getting back into the swing of home learning after the Easter break.  I have had some  amazing  photographs sent to me this week which you can see below this week's work - well done Year 6s, you're doing a brilliant job!


I have decided to go with the White Rose maths resources from now on, they seem to be easier to follow. Let me know what you think, email me at


I have added some extra things for you to take a look at this week - some great ideas from the British Red Cross about the power of kindness, some ideas for keeping your routines on track and some resources about safely using digital devices and social media.


I have also added a website called Young Enterprise where you can learn about managing money in a fun way.  Again, let me know if you have a go, it would be great to think we might have the next Sir Alan Sugar or Deborah Meadon amongst us!


Have a good week everybody, stay safe and well.


Best wishes,


Mrs Vaux


An extra, optional fun set of activities.

This Friday, 1st May, is Pyjamarama. 

Pyjamarama is a reading for pleasure venture from the BookTrust. The idea is to spend the day in pyjamas, reading and taking part in reading activities, then finishing with a bedtime story.


Week 3 photos

Week 3 photos 1
Week 3 photos 2
Week 3 photos 3
Week 3 photos 4
Week 3 photos 5
Week 3 photos 6
Week 3 photos 7
Week 3 photos 8
Week 3 photos 9
Week 3 photos 10
Week 3 photos 11
Week 3 photos 12
Week 3 photos 13
Week 3 photos 14
Week 3 photos 15
Week 3 photos 16
Week 3 photos 17
Week 3 photos 18
Week 3 photos 19
Week 3 photos 20
Week 3 photos 21
Week 3 photos 22
Week 3 photos 23
Week 3 photos 24
Week 3 photos 25
Week 3 photos 26
Week 3 photos 27
Week 3 photos 28
Week 3 photos 29
Week 3 photos 30
Week 3 photos 31
Week 3 photos 32
Week 3 photos 33
Week 3 photos 34
Week 3 photos 35
Week 3 photos 36
Week 3 photos 37
Week 3 photos 38
Week 3 photos 39
Week 3 photos 40
Week 3 photos 41
Week 3 photos 42
Week 3 photos 43
Week 3 photos 44
Week 3 photos 45
Week 3 photos 46
Week 3 photos 47

Hello JC6,


Welcome to the summer term.


At this stage of the year we would normally be revising for our SATs which would be happening in three weeks time!  No need to worry about missing them though, there is plenty of learning to be done and even some old SATs papers for you to have a go at if you wish! (See website in the 'Useful Websites' section of our class page.)


For the next few weeks, I will be uploading the usual 'easier' and 'harder' maths and English tasks, weekly spellings, a topic task to add to our Victorian Inventors and Inventions project, a science activity and an outdoor learning activity.


I will also be uploading White Rose maths lessons which include daily power-points to talk you through how to tackle the tasks, an activity sheet and an answer sheet. Please have a go at these and let me know what you think of them.


Parents - I have uploaded a Primary Maths Dictionary which you my find useful when helping your child with mathematical explanations and methods.


Remember to take a look at the Home Learning section under the Class Pages tab on the website; this has some extra websites for any year group to have a go at.  Mrs Greenslade informs me that the Royal Institute science website has some great ideas for experiments to do at home!


Please email me any photos of work you have completed and I will upload a selection onto our class page.  It is lovely to see how hard you are working in these difficult times.  Take a look at the photos of Easter work and activities you've been up to (they are just below all the lesson and website info.)


Stay safe and well everyone.


Best wishes,


Mrs Vaux

Easter Holidays photos

Easter Holidays photos 1
Easter Holidays photos 2
Easter Holidays photos 3
Easter Holidays photos 4
Easter Holidays photos 5
Easter Holidays photos 6
Easter Holidays photos 7
Easter Holidays photos 8
Easter Holidays photos 9
Easter Holidays photos 10
Easter Holidays photos 11
Easter Holidays photos 12
Easter Holidays photos 13
Easter Holidays photos 14
Easter Holidays photos 15
Easter Holidays photos 16
Easter Holidays photos 17
Easter Holidays photos 18
Easter Holidays photos 19

It's the Easter holidays!  Not quite the ones we were expecting but hopefully you are all well and able to to safely enjoy a little bit of the lovely weather we are having.


I have added some optional Easter activities to our class page - it would be great if you could have a go at some of them and email me some photos to


I have received some great work so far and it is lovely to see that you are keeping your learning going during these strange times.



I have also added maths activity booklets for Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6 as they all have some great ideas in them - you can just choose the ones that appeal to you!


Keep checking the 'useful websites' section too; I am adding to it all the time.

For example, have a look at this one:

Live Cams!

This is an amazing website with lots of webcams showing nature all around the world, happening right now! What’s the most fascinating thing you have watched? I have loved watching these, especially giraffes and elephants walking through parks in South Africa and puppies playing together in Maryland, USA!  Enjoy ☺


I hope you all have a lovely Easter break, look after yourselves and your families.


Mrs Vaux

Examples of your work from weeks 1 and 2. Well done, Year 6!

Examples of your work from weeks 1 and 2.  Well done, Year 6! 1
Examples of your work from weeks 1 and 2.  Well done, Year 6! 2
Examples of your work from weeks 1 and 2.  Well done, Year 6! 3
Examples of your work from weeks 1 and 2.  Well done, Year 6! 4
Examples of your work from weeks 1 and 2.  Well done, Year 6! 5
Examples of your work from weeks 1 and 2.  Well done, Year 6! 6
Examples of your work from weeks 1 and 2.  Well done, Year 6! 7
Examples of your work from weeks 1 and 2.  Well done, Year 6! 8
Examples of your work from weeks 1 and 2.  Well done, Year 6! 9
Examples of your work from weeks 1 and 2.  Well done, Year 6! 10
Examples of your work from weeks 1 and 2.  Well done, Year 6! 11
Examples of your work from weeks 1 and 2.  Well done, Year 6! 12
Examples of your work from weeks 1 and 2.  Well done, Year 6! 13
Examples of your work from weeks 1 and 2.  Well done, Year 6! 14
Examples of your work from weeks 1 and 2.  Well done, Year 6! 15
Examples of your work from weeks 1 and 2.  Well done, Year 6! 16

Hello JC6,


A few notes about home learning  for week 2 (week beginning 30.03.20).


I have moved Week 1 activities to the bottom of the home learning  blocks so that the most recent week's work is nearer the top of the page to make it easier for you to find. 


I have given you a choice of two 'harder' English packs - one of them continues with Harry Potter but if you would prefer a change, try the other pack.


I have also added a science experiment and an outdoor learning activity for you to have a go at.


I hope you are all well, staying safe, completing some school work every day and remembering to get some exercise!


Mrs Vaux


P.S.  I have added a couple more fun websites for you all to take a look at: out of the ark music website and the British Red Cross acts of kindness calendar.  Enjoy!

Hello JC6!

Just because school is closed, it doesn't mean that there isn't learning to be done!


On this page, you will find:

  • a daily maths fluency task,
  • daily maths lessons,
  • a spelling list for Groups 1 and 2 (you should know which group you are in),
  • a folder of daily English lessons which includes comprehension, grammar and writing tasks,
  • a weekly topic task which, over the next few weeks, will build into a project about a Victorian inventor
  • website suggestions which include interactive games and help with a range of strategies for learning times tables, spellings, reading activities, including ebooks and much more.


I have included some 'easier' and 'harder' maths and English tasks - choose the ones you think are the best for where your learning is at the moment.  Some activities within each lesson also include 'mild', 'hot' and 'chilli' tasks - again choose the ones that suit you best but remember to give yourself a challenge too!

Maybe some of you could time yourself on the maths fluency and/or arithmetic activities?


I'd like to draw your attention to the live PE sessions which Joe Wicks is going to be holding every weekday morning 9am on his Youtube channel (The Body Coach TV).  This is free and the sessions will last for 30 minutes.  Whilst schools are closed, this is a fantastic and exciting activity for you to be involved in.


Year 6 - remember to send me some photos of what you are producing during your home learning sessions and if you have any suggestions for anything else you would like me to add to our class page, email me through our class email:


Stay safe and well and good luck with your home learning!


Mrs Vaux 



P.S. Over the coming weeks, I will be add links to useful online resources - keep checking back as I will be adding them as and when I find them.

Y6 'Leavers' mini disco with JCR

Y6 'Leavers' mini disco with JCR 1
Y6 'Leavers' mini disco with JCR 2
Y6 'Leavers' mini disco with JCR 3
Y6 'Leavers' mini disco with JCR 4

Victorian Afternoon Tea - March 2020

Victorian Afternoon Tea - March 2020 1
Victorian Afternoon Tea - March 2020 2
Victorian Afternoon Tea - March 2020 3
Victorian Afternoon Tea - March 2020 4
Victorian Afternoon Tea - March 2020 5
Victorian Afternoon Tea - March 2020 6
Victorian Afternoon Tea - March 2020 7
Victorian Afternoon Tea - March 2020 8
Victorian Afternoon Tea - March 2020 9
Victorian Afternoon Tea - March 2020 10
Victorian Afternoon Tea - March 2020 11
Victorian Afternoon Tea - March 2020 12
Victorian Afternoon Tea - March 2020 13
Victorian Afternoon Tea - March 2020 14
Victorian Afternoon Tea - March 2020 15
Victorian Afternoon Tea - March 2020 16
Victorian Afternoon Tea - March 2020 17
Victorian Afternoon Tea - March 2020 18

World Book Day 2020 - JC6 enjoying summarising the story of 'Sector 7'

World Book Day 2020 - JC6 enjoying summarising the story of 'Sector 7' 1
World Book Day 2020 - JC6 enjoying summarising the story of 'Sector 7' 2
World Book Day 2020 - JC6 enjoying summarising the story of 'Sector 7' 3
World Book Day 2020 - JC6 enjoying summarising the story of 'Sector 7' 4

Mrs Vaux and Mrs Hughes hope you all had a very merry Christmas and wish you a happy and healthy new year.  We would both like to thank you so much for all the lovely gifts we received, your generosity and thoughtfulness are much appreciated.


The spring brings the promise of longer, lighter days and we are looking forward to another exciting and busy term.  Highlights include: JC6 and EC3 exhibiting artwork at The Guild in Chipping Campden, the 'Young Voices' concert at the Genting Arena, Birmingham, the ever-popular House Dance competition and, of course, SATs preparation for the tests in May.


Our topic is 'The Victorians’ and will include exploring the reign of Queen Victoria, Victorian family life and inventors and inventions.  We are also hoping to have a ‘Victorian Day’ and hopefully, an educational school trip.  Any artefacts, books or photographs you may have to add to our topic display are always gratefully received.


We welcome parent volunteers and helpers - extra pairs of hands are always useful!  Please do not hesitate to pop in and talk to us if you would like to come and help in school.

  • St James' & Ebrington C. of E. Primary School
  • Pear Tree Close, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire,
  • GL55 6DB
  • Ebrington Site
  • Hidcote Road, Ebrington,
  • Gloucestershire, GL55 6NQ
  • 01386 840634